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Prius owners are defecting to Tesla

Recent comments from Toyota’s North America CEO Jim Lenktz in Automotive News clued everyone in on how much of a pull Tesla has. According to the auto publication, about 9 percent of Toyota drivers jump to other brands, and half of those defectors are Prius owners going to Tesla.

Man Puts Giant 37-inch Off-Road Tires On a Honda Accord and Goes Mall Crawling

You may recall a video from earlier this year by Russian YouTube channel Garage 54 ENG. In it, Vlad, the host, throws 38 inch off-road tires on his VAZ 2106 sedan and rips donuts. Well, now an American has decided to replicate this stunt, but with slightly smaller tires on a vehicle fairly common in the U.S.: a sixth-gen Honda Accord.

Tesla Moves to Build the Model Y After a Gangbusters 2018

Elon Musk’s car company just announced its second profitable quarter in a row, but keeping the momentum going requires more focus on costs, and a move overseas.

Tesla says the Model Y is coming in 2020

The Tesla Model Y — the SUV electric vehicle that CEO Elon Musk has been teasing and talking about since 2015 — will begin volume production by the end of 2020, the company said Wednesday in a letter to shareholders.

Tesla CFO Resigns Following Q4 Earnings Release

Tesla’s Chief Financial Officer has resigned from the company shortly after the release of its fourth-quarter earnings report, joining a long list of executive departures from Elon Musk’s car company, including many finance and accounting leaders.

Volkswagen is bringing back the dune buggy

Volkswagen has confirmed that it will unveil an electric Meyers Manx-inspired dune buggy at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The open-top off-roader will be built on the company’s new modular electric platform, or MEB, which will underpin its upcoming lineup of battery-powered cars.

Koenigsegg Is Planning a New Supercar for the Low Price of $1.1 Million

At $15,000, Does This WRX-Swapped 2002 Subaru Impreza Suitably Impress?

The seller of today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Impreza says there’s 10K on all its WRX-sourced parts. That should prove enough for a shakedown run, but let’s hope its price isn’t a shakedown of another kind.

We Might See A Tesla Pickup Truck This Summer

A new crossover! A new semi truck! A plant in China! Layoffs! The new roadster, maybe! Tesla has a lot going on right now, but Q4 of 2018 was a nice financial win for the growing automaker. And on the earnings call just now, CEO Elon Musk just kind of casually mentioned we may see a Tesla pickup truck this summer too.

Illinois police share ‘ridiculous’ driver’s triple-digit speeding ticket on snowy road to warn others

A female driver caught going 80 miles per hour over the speed limit on a slushy Illinois road was not only pulled over and arrested Sunday night — she was publicly scolded by the Illinois State Police for the “ridiculous” act.

The Porsche Taycan Will Come With Three Years of Free Charging and Charge Faster Than Any EV

hile the Taycan will certainly be fast in the conventional sense—it’ll do 0 to 60 mph in about three and a half seconds—being faster while charging is actually the sort of speed that owners can actually really appreciate, in a real-world way.

Driver dies after smashing into bollards at 125mph in Mercedes in Russia

Watch a Whole Team of Off-Roaders Hitch Up to Save a Bus in a Snowstorm

There’s all kinds of teamwork happening here–regular citizens stepping up to help public transit! Jeep owners and 4Runner owners driving together?! Maybe Canada really is as friendly as everybody says.

Tesla Reduces Production of Model S and X Cars

Elon Musk’s Tesla announced a reduction in the production of its Model S and Model X vehicles, resulting in its share price dropping sharply this week.

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