Car Supplies

There are probably some things you should keep in your car just in case.

First Aid Kit

I of course wouldn’t know what to do with one, but I have one anyway. I get sick at the sight of blood but I can always hand it to someone who doesn’t 🙂 Mostly I use it for band-aids

Hefty Bottle of Aspirin

If you’re any good at driving, you get lots of headaches. From cussing people out, and the extreme heat of the sun. Well I do anyway, who knowswhat you do 🙂


Huge requirement. Do NOT get stuck without one. My car always breaks down at night or I lose something in there at night or I need to find something under my hood. Make sure you also have extra batteries

Spare Tire/Jack

Make sure you have a properly inflated spare tire. That you have a jack, and know where it is and how to use it. Make sure you know how to change a tire. I have not yet had one bust but I’m all ready when it does. If you don’t, make sure someone teaches you how to change a tire. If you can’t you’re just an idiot. The only hard part is jacking it up, and getting the bolts lose.


I got 3 flares and a lighter. I have no idea what I’ll use those flares for. Maybe someday I’ll either get in or come up apon an accident around a corner at which flares would be the only way of warning people. Either
that or my car gets shipwrecked and I need to signal someone. Or maybe I need to pour some gas on someone and set them on fire. The possibilities are endless, and they are only like less than $1 a piece.

Taco Sauce/Ketchup pack

You never know when the fast food people are going to give you the Shaft™
I always try to keep some of that in there so I won’t be screwed.

EarthQuake Kit

In California it’s necessary. You never know when “THE BIG ONE” might hit. You gotta be ready to live outta your car like some bum. Make sure you got extra clothes, possibly a blanket/sleeping bag. Water, maybe some snacks. This crap also comes in handy when you spend the night at someone’s at a sudden moment.


You never know when you are going to get stuck at the side of the road or witness some accident or need the police in a hurry. If you live in California, most of the freeways have Callboxes, but plenty of other places do not. I use my Cell Phone all the time to phone in accidents and to call the cops when some dumbass leaves
their car in the middle of the road.

Paper Towels/Windex

Probably the 2 most used/useful things. Gotta clean those hands, blow your nose, clean up
messes check the oil, wash those windows.

Fire Extinguisher

You never know when something will get on fire or find someone to blind with it. Heck you might find some Liquid form dude from the future whose only weakness is cold.

Jack, Tire, Tire Iron

Make sure you have a working jack in your car, a decent spare tire, and something to take them nuts off the wheel.

PA system

Here is an interesting little add-on you might want to put on/in your car. Someone I worked with once went to Radio Shack, bought a big Megaphone type speaker and hooked it up to a mic. Then he would use it to yell at
people and so on. Then he bought a little toy that made a siren sound and he would hold it up to the mic and people would pull over. Pretty funny stuff.

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    • Koko on:
      Top Other Enemies
      In my area Subaru drivers and Honda drivers are the worst.
    • Koko on:
      Top Other Enemies
      In Oregon it's the California drivers and tourists that drive me insane, like no, it's not OK to drive slowly in the left lane when there is only two lanes.and one lane is pilled up with semi trucks, My town has been invaded with s.Californians and have ruined the driving experience. They'll stop in the middle,soft he road to take pictures of deer. They'll take up literally every parking spot down town, cut you off on the freeway even though no on is behind you. Use their phones because they for some reason think it's legal in Oregon, as if we are that backwards and behind in times. Text and drive. And drive like complete a holes because they can't figure out how to bet around in a small town where literally every road gets you where you need to go.
    • Miles on:
      Asian Drivers
      parker ain't wrong though lol
    • Laura on:
      THANK YOU!! I couldn't agree with you more! I just moved here from Kirkland, WA last July and I'm already thinking about moving back. I'm already sick of all the people here in California that have such self entitlement attitudes and such disregard for life they think the traffic laws don't apply to them. Since I've been here I've almost been in several accidents and almost been run over in a crosswalk but these people don't care! They are reckless A$$holes!!
    • Laura on:
      Totally agree!! I moved here not even a year ago and I'm already thinking about moving back!
    • JANE DOE on:
    • BT on:
      Hey, I'm stuck in CA driving with these idiots all the time. But you can't complain if you're from TX about CA drivers, although it is the only TX place I have been, Houston drivers are just as bad.
    • Dee on:
      Asian Drivers
      Parker must be Asian...."they drives suck"?
    • Rodney Hood on:
      WHY? Because 90% of them are MEXICANS. Majority of them dont have a license and carry fake id. Its their culture thats how they drive.
    • Ophelia on:
      The way I see it, at least in Los Angeles (and San Diego--the other counties of California I've been in have it far less pronounced than these two), a lot of the problems seen on the roads can be attributed to a culture that places great value on speed. Essentially, people in L.A and S.D. are trained from an early age to have their gratification instant, and thus they never learn patience. This is why drivers will speed up to block you when you want to change lanes, this is why tailgating is so rampant, this is why they rarely ever come to a complete stop at stop signs, and this is why there's so much lane-weaving: These are drivers who want to go fast and see slowing down or stopping as an admission of inferiority. For the record, people blocking to stop me when I'm changing lanes is an extremely common occurrence that I figured out a good way to ensure you can get into the lane you need fairly quickly: As long as the traffic is not too congested, just slow down by about 5 miles per hour and get in behind them. The driver trying to block you is doing so either because they're not paying attention, or they cannot stand the thought of someone coming over in front of them. In both cases, they will gladly let you in behind them. (Congestion creates a problem because it means there will be someone else behind them who will think the same thing, and the person behind them likewise, and so forth.) It is an animal instict at work. For most creatures, seeing another creature with their back turned to them indicates the back-turned creature has superior authority. Likewise, a creature taking up a space behind another creature is an act of submission. For some reason, Californian drivers fall to these animal instincts and treat their cars as extensions of themselves. They don't want you getting into their lane in front of them because, subconsciously, they interpret it as you asserting authority over them, but they'll let you in behind them because they see it as you acknowledging their superiority. That's what I think.
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    I’ve driven in California since 1991. I’ve spent many trips running up and down the state as well as driving in many other states. After all of this driving, I became fed up with how bad California drivers on. I wanted to point out what they do to either help change a few drivers or at least entertain the rest of the world with Californian’s horrible driving.

    I’m located in Orange County in a couple of the richest areas. I see every type of car that is out there in this area. It’s like a car show. Going to a car show isn’t exciting anymore because you see most of the cars driving around anyway. I also work at a place where people buy all the different types of cars. We have Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Lotus, etc. So you can even see a lot of the cars in the work parking lot.

    Disclaimer: You’re on your own with these tips. They are not the official law and in no way represent what you should be doing should a cop pull you over.

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