News Roundup

This Tesla Model 3 Badged as a ‘Civic Si’ Actually Kind of Works

Driver fined, license suspended for ‘dangerous’ amount of fast-food wrappers in car

Driver crashes £567,000 Ferrari into a passing car seconds after borrowing it from his friend

Cops recover $2.2 million Ferrari stolen during test drive, release photo of suspect

The McLaren GT is a 203 mph golf cart

Classic 1972 Ferrari set to sell for £165,000 even though most of it is packed up in cardboard boxes

The 1972 Ferrari Dino 246GT was dismantled in the late 1970s by its then Australia-based owner ahead of a restoration project. On Saturday it will go up for auction in Buckinghamshire.

Oldest ‘Porsche’ could sell for $20 million or more at auction

Land Rover built an SUV that only astronauts can buy

Wrenching Hero Installs $120 Lawnmower Engine Into Dodge Ram Pickup

Even Subaru Had a Tough Year But It’s Mounting a Comeback

The Subaru Levorg is the Subaru wagon Americans want but can’t have, since we don’t buy many wagons here and it’s reserved for other parts of the world. But that doesn’t stop us from wishing that one day the laws of nature will be broken and the U.S. will get all of the fun cars we’ve always wanted—like the two 
This is the moment a confused motorist takes multiple attempts to try and squeeze their car into a small parking space in Minneapolis, Minnesota, only to reverse back out once the car is finally in.
Just over a week ago, Mopar announced preorders for the “Hellephant” crate engine—a 1,000-horsepower, nearly $30,000 powerhouse to be plugged into any eligible vehicle. But if it took you more than 48 hours to determine whether it was a joke because of the name, you missed out on the chance to order one.
You don’t really hear people talk about the Ferrari 348, but some people at a RM Sothebys auction will be talking about this 1990 Ferrari 348 TB Zagato Elaborazione, which took the regular car and added a bunch of circular lights.
Nicholas Burke (pictured), 46, from York, was caught using the device to scramble a signal from a North Yorkshire Police safety camera van last February.
^ I had one for 3 years and it worked great in the US haha.
At the start of the year Tesla teased Sentry Mode, a security feature for its EVs that leverages a 360 dash cam to record damage and attempted break-ins. It rolled outin February, and it’s already earning its keep. According to ABC 7 news, the feature has resulted in the arrest of a would-be thief.
An Italian container ship bound for Brazil while carrying some 2,000 cars including some three dozen Porsches caught fire and sank in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of France last week.
A Southern California driver apparently couldn’t help but dance after reportedly leading authorities in a car chase Tuesday night.
I’ve been trying to be more positive these days, after a rough few years, though that positivity takes a hit every time I get into a car with a touchscreen. That’s because touchscreens in cars are bad and even dangerous—a failed experiment.
Those of you familiar with the “pink tax” shouldn’t be at all that surprised to learn that women tend to pay more than men for car insurance in half of the United States. And this is despite men being found to be the overall riskier drivers. Go figure!
Two security researchers and self-described “white hat hackers” found a trove of unencrypted location, camera, and other data on a wrecked Tesla Model 3, according to a new report from CNBCAnd while it’s not a problem unique to Tesla, the example serves as a stark reminder that newer cars can become a security risk for former owners, regardless of whether they’re sold or wrecked.

Tesla has completely torched its original plan for the $35,000 Model 3. Late on Thursday night, the company announced a fundamental change to what is supposed to be the most affordable version of its first mass-market car.

Tesla is ready to bring its parking lot-savvy Summon upgrade to its cars in earnest. Elon Musk has revealed that Enhanced Summon will be widely available in the US next week to Tesla owners who sprung for either the Enhanced Autopilot or Full Self-Driving packages. Tap a button in the Tesla mobile app and your EV can drive to you, saving you the trouble of walking to the far end of the lot. You can either have it drive to your current location or to a specific pin.

Surveillance Video of Tesla Exploding in Shanghai Parking Lot Goes Viral

100 car2go Mercedes hijacked in Chicago crime spree

Car2go, the free-floating car-sharing service owned by Daimler, temporarily shut down its service in Chicago on Wednesday after dozens of Mercedes-Benz vehicles were stolen using the app.

Aston Martin’s all-electric Rapide E is a 604HP leap into the future

No more teasing — Aston Martin has finally revealed its first all-electric car. The Rapide E swaps out a V12 engine for an 800V, 65 kWh battery system and twin rear motors with 604 hp and 700 pound-feet of torque. There will only be 155 units produced, “with prices available on application” and along with Williams, the carmaker has packed an aging frame with plenty of reasons to try this one out.

Craigslist Will Soon Start Charging $5 to List a Car for Sale

Most people who frequent this website likely have four Craigslist tabs open at any given time, since it’s a reflex to check local car listings approximately every few minutes during the workday. But the folks selling those cars are in for a surprise come April 15, when Craigslist ups the list charge from free to $5.

The Jeep Wayout Concept Is a 2020 Jeep Gladiator Turned Into an Overlanding Beast

One of the most exciting things about the 2020 Jeep Gladiator, and about mid-size off-road trucks in general, is that they make for excellent overlanding rigs. And to prove this point, Jeep has built the “Wayout” concept for the Moab Easter Jeep Safari. Check out its awesome rooftop tent.

Marshmello is doing it BIG with his tricked out truck … pouring in half a million dollars to make his ride feel like a Vegas nightclub!!! The legendary DJ recently had his Ford Super Duty COMPLETELY redone by some of the best in the biz — RDB LA…
It’s apparent that the new Ferrari P80/C is unequivocally gorgeous, but the other day someone pointed out that it looks familiar. Specifically, that it looks like the fictional Vapid FMJ from Grand Theft Auto V. Now I can’t unsee the similarities.
The Dodge Challenger is as old as it is impractical. It’s based on an ancient platform, and its looks haven’t changed that dramatically since its 2008 revival. It has the turning radius of a bus and the traction of a cat on hard floors, it guzzles gasoline like its job is to make sure the world runs out of petroleum,…
I’ve tried to do less gawking at other people’s unfortunate wrecks but thisLamborghini Huracan Performante wipeout, reportedly recorded over the weekend, showed up on my feed so many times I couldn’t help but investigate. And now I’m just confused.
Rumors of a widebody Charger sedan being seen on the streets seem to have been accurate, as Dodge finally showed the car in public. The Widebody Charger was displayed during SoCal LX Spring Fest, a festival that is, you guessed it, all about LX-chassis MoPars. Technically FCA is calling the car a “concept” but it is…
The 25-year-old man, Chen, crashed his luxury car into a van in front of him while answering a phone call, police said. The luxury car was given to Chen by his mother as a gift last month.
The Italian container ship “Grande America” sank off the French Atlantic Coast last week after a fire broke out. All 27 crew members were able to evacuate before it sank, but over 2,000 cars, allegedly including a shipment of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, didn’t make it.
Tesla Model Y announced: release set for 2020, price starts at $39,000
This is the Tesla Model Y, the electric carmaker’s new compact SUV due out in 2020. The long range version will travel 300 miles on single charge, and will sell for $47,000, while the $60,000 performance version will be capable of sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. It’s Elon Musk’s fifth car ever to hit the road, and the company’s second attempt at a mass-market electric vehicle.
Perhaps one of the most tedious parts of meeting new people is finding common interests. But Koenigsegg is the bearer of good news this week, because you and roughly 7.5 billion other people now have something to bond over: your lack of a 1,600-horsepower, $3 million Jesko, which is officially sold out.
This month, the $12.5-million Bugatti La Voiture Noire debuted at the Geneva Motor Show, mysteriously letting us gaze upon its exterior glory and nothing else. But there was a reason, other than the fact that we’re not rich enough to handle it: The car won’t actually be done for at least another two years.
This is a video of an alleged $3-million Pagani Huayara doing a casual lap on a packed-snow track, then proceeding to repeatedly get stuck in the slush later in the day as the snow began to melt. I mean of course it did — those are low profile sport tires, they were designed for like, the opposite of snow. And who thought it would be a good idea to take their Pagani Huayara out in the snow in the first place? You own a $3-million car, go buy a plane and fly that thing somewhere warm where it belongs. Keep going for the video.
The Honda Civic Type R is the newest vehicle on the New South Wales Police Force in Australia, but don’t think a cop will come after you in it for breaking the hooning laws or trying to street race it at a stoplight. This 306-horsepower hot hatch, law-enforcing livery or not, will be for show.
I don’t have the energy to be incredulous anymore, fam. But if I did, I’d be wide-eye head-shaking all over the place after hearing that a 1994 Toyota Supra sold for an ungodly sum of $173,600 at this weekend’s Amelia Island car auction.

Sorry for the downtime

We’re back in action again.

Someone Just Scored this Sweet-Ass 1999 Ferrari F355 at Auction and I Bet You’re Jealous as Hell

Speed trap by Florida police foiled by handmade sign to alert drivers

The 2020 Nissan 370Z Anniversary Edition Will Set You Back at Least $32,690

Tesla’s Model S and Model X get new motors with more range

Without increasing the size of the battery, Tesla claims it’s improved range, power and torque enough to make for faster 0 – 60 MPH times. The Long Range Model S was previously EPA rated for up to 335 miles on a charge, and now it can go to 370. The Long Range Model X, meanwhile, extends to up to 325 miles. The company took Motor Trend for a drive in one of the new sedans yesterday during its autonomous event and traveled 359 miles from Fremont to LA without a recharge, using 83 kWh and showing 11 percent charge left — good enough for around 400 miles.

A new Tesla Model S can now drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco on a single charge

Street dubbed ‘Forest of Poles’ as it has 135 warning signs, lamp posts and flag faces declutter


Saturday News

Video of driver ‘straight snoozing going 75 mph’ in his Tesla Model 3 goes viral

Porsche’s Taycan EV has pulled in more than 20,000 deposits

Tesla’s Autopilot system does NOT make driving safer and may even increase the risk of crashes

In 2017, the NHTSA determined that Tesla’s system wasn’t just safe, but actually slashed crash rates by nearly 40 percent. A new investigation into the findings suggest the opposite may be true.

Tesla Model Y reveal set for March 14

The Koenigsegg Jesko is the world’s first 300MPH road car

China Suspends Sales of Tesla Model 3’s After Customs Officials Find ‘Irregularities’

The import and sale of Tesla Model 3 vehicles in China has reportedly been suspended after customs officials found “irregularities” with the vehicles.

This $12.5 Million Bugatti Is the Most Expensive New Car Ever

Here’s How That Tesla Model X Burned Down On a Frozen Lake Without Going Through The Ice

Monday News

Tesla Model 3: Electric car-maker launches most affordable car yet

CEO Elon Musk has been promising the mass market price tag since the firm first unveiled the Model 3 back in 2016, but has struggled to hit that goal in the time since.

Tesla Model Y will be unveiled March 14th

Tesla will unveil its Model Y crossover SUV on March 14th during an event at the company’s design studio in Los Angeles, CEO Elon Musk announced Sunday. The new electric car will be Tesla’s fifth since the company was founded in 2003.

Fatal Tesla Model 3 Crash in Florida Prompts Investigations by Federal Agencies

A man driving a Tesla Model 3 in Delray Beach, Florida was killed in a collision with another vehicle early Friday that has prompted investigations by the National Transportation Safety Board and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

BMW death traps as 250,000 cars in Britain are at risk of bursting into flames

The fault affects more than 250,000 cars in the UK – 1.6million worldwide – and can cause flammable coolant to leak on to the burning hot exhaust system near the engine, potentially triggering a fire.

Let’s Talk About Dylan’s Speedster From 90210

Today’s news of the death of actor Luke Perry had me thinking a bit about what was, undoubtedly, his breakout role. As Dylan McKay in “Beverly Hills, 90210" Mr. Perry was projected into literally millions of living rooms each week, for 199 episodes, becoming a 1990s teen idol. His character drove the totally cool and…

Pininfarina’s 1,900 HP Electric Supercar Is The Future We Want 

Remember when all of us idiots thought the Porsche 918, Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1 were at a level that would’ve been incomprehensible just a few decades before? That was cute. The Pininfarina Battista, the Italian design firm’s first-ever branded car, is going to be a 1,900 horsepower electric supercar

‘Mummified’ 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Cobra Jet for sale and ready for restoration

The owner of a 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Cobra Jet he’s auctioning online credits undercoating for the surprisingly rust-free state of the Washington-based car that he’s had sitting in storage for 38 years.

Subaru recalling 1.3 million cars for brake light issue

Volvo is introducing a 112mph speed limiter to all its new cars

Few automakers have staked the reputation of their brands on safety quite the way Volvo has. Several years ago, Volvo’s President Håkan Samuelsson announced that the company was enacting a plan called Vision 2020—building cars so safe that by 2020 no one is killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo. On Monday, the company revealed the latest part of this plan. From next year, all new Volvos (beginning with the 2021 model year) will be limited to 112mph (180km/h).

Who wants their dumb cars after that.

Jerry Seinfeld Sues Classic Car Dealer Over Porsche Certification

Jerry Seinfeld is going after the classic car dealer that sold him what they claimed was a rare Porsche, because he thinks the car’s certification wasn’t legit … this according to a new lawsuit. In the suit, obtained by TMZ,

Jason Stiber was pulled over and ticketed for distracted driving last April for using a handheld phone behind the wheel, but he claimed it was a case of mistaken identity and that what he was actually holding was a hash brown.

Tesla starts charging $7,000 to add Full Self-Driving features post-delivery

Tesla is splitting its self-driving function into two tiers — Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Capability — and charging a few thousand extra dollars for Navigate on Autopilot, Autopark, Summon and other features coming out later this year.

Video of deadly 131-car Wisconsin pileup released

Officials in Wisconsin released video footage of a massive deadly pileup involving 131 cars believed to be “the largest traffic crash in the state’s history.”

Tesla makes huge price cuts to Model S and Model X

Tesla finally announced the long-awaited (and long-promised) $35,000 base version of the Model 3 on Thursday, but the company also dramatically reduced the starting price of its other cars, the Models S and X. Each version of those cars now costs between $12,000 to $18,000 less than they did earlier this week.

Tesla’s high-end Model S and X just got a lot cheaper

Bitcoin tycoon crashes his £270,000 purple Lamborghini into a ditch

The £270,000 Lamborghini Huracan Performante supercar was photographed in a ditch in Enfield, north London just a short distance from Tottenham Hotspur’s training ground.

Tuesday Car News

Volkswagen spins off Jetta into a Chinese car brand

Volkswagen is taking its popular Jetta brand and turning it into an entirely new and separate company that will make cars for China, the German automaker announced Tuesday.

$150,000 Lamborghini bursts into flames moments after leaving garage

Detroit ‘Smokey and The Bandit’ event canceled over Confederate flag flap

Uptight HOA Threatens Fine After Car Leaves Dick Shape in Snow

Tesla that burst into flames after fatal Florida crash catches fire THREE TIMES at tow yard

Omar Awan was burned beyond recognition and could not be saved on Sunday afternoon after crashing his 2016 Tesla Model S car, which then burst into flames in Davie, Florida. 

A California Bill Aims to Create the Unlimited-Speed American Autobahn of Your Dreams

Many car enthusiasts consider Germany’s Autobahn the holy grail of high-speed highway systems, but it may someday get competition from California, as a senator there has just introduced a bill which proposes adding lanes without speed limits to two major highways.

Watch This 1965 Ford Mustang Come Back to Life After Sitting for 44 Years

It turns out that there’s an extremely entertaining video series centering around a neglected 1965 Ford Mustang fastback that has allegedly not run in 44 years. Yes, 44 years. Get ready for some high-quality wrenching and a solid underdog story.

Somebody Street Parks Their Ferrari F40

This is, without a doubt, my new favorite Ferrari. Somebody in [LOCATION REDACTED] street parks their Ferrari F40. That duct tape on the hood is when a Yaris backed into it. Concours d’Elegance this is not.

Stolen Tesla leads police on chase after owner finds it with Tesla app

A man led police on a chase through Riverside, California, after stealing a Tesla from a parking garage. The moment the Tesla was moved from its parking spot, the owner knew that his car was on the move and that he wasn’t driving it, according to local news reports.

How a Used $5,000 Subaru WRX From 2006 Compares to a New WRX That Costs $40,000

We often forget what a landmark car the Subaru WRX was when it first came to North America. Spurred by intense demand from gearheads who fell in love remotely through anime and Gran Turismo, the early 2000s WRX gifted us the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and forced the entire sport compact segment to up its game from…

Wednesday News

Driver jailed 3 months for using laser jammer

i had one for 3 years and it worked great. But it had no mute or volume control.

725 hp Ford F-150 on sale for under $40,000

Looking for a two-door, two-seat sports car with over 700 hp for under $40,000?

Well, we can’t help you with the ‘car’ part, but there’s a pickup that fits the bill.

The price includes 2WD F-150 Regular Cab XT Sport like this one in Velocity Blue.

The 2020 Alpina B7 is a 4,855 Pound Luxury Sedan Claiming 205 MPH

Two hundred and five mph is the claimed top speed for the new 2020 Alpina B7xDrive, which BMW—the company that builds the new 2020 BMW 7 Series on which it’s based—introduced earlier today. It’s a big, opulent machine that makes giant, supercar-level numbers; here’s a first look.

Haynes car manual founder who sold more than 200 million copies worldwide dies aged 80

John Haynes published his first motor manual, for the Austin Healey Sprite, in 1966. He passed away peacefully surrounded by family on Friday evening on February 8 after a short illness.

TESLA on Autopilot Veers off Highway, Strikes Curb and Signs…

The driver, Eric Carter, told cops he had his car on autopilot as he moved along Route 1 in North Brunswick around dinnertime Sunday, North Brunswick Police Capt. Brian Hoiberg told News 4.

Subaru’s Success in America Is Pushing It to Its Breaking Point

Subaru’s success is draining its resources, Toyota has a pipe-dream autonomous car in the works, and the truck battles are hotter than ever. All this and more in The Morning Shift for Monday, Feb. 11, 2019.

Tsunami-inspired floating car on sale in Thailand

Driver crashes £750,000 super car in Bolton University car park

This is the dramatic moment the driver of a 230mph supercar loses control in a car park at Bolton University and crashes the motor into a hidden object behind a large yellow skip.

Duke of Edinburgh has voluntarily surrendered his driving licence

Emma Fairweather, 46, was a passenger in the Kia involved in a collision with the Duke’s Land Rover near Sandringham last month and has welcomed his decision to hand in his driver’s licence.

Man Fails to Steal Manual Honda Civic Hours After Other Failed Robbery Where Cashier ‘Didn’t Take Him Seriously’

Mobile, Alabama news station Fox 10 reports that surveillance footage at a local gas station shows four suspects trying to steal the 1995 Civic, which was parked outside of the station with the keys inside. But it wasn’t as quick of a getaway as the suspects probably expected, despite that.

The 2020 Subaru Legacy Gets Turbo Power Back

I can remember the days when the Subaru Legacy was actually something of an interesting car, a rally-infused sedan or wagon with a manual option and turbocharged power—a kind of WRX STI for adults, especially in GT Spec.B guise. The Legacy sold the last few years has… well, it hasn’t been that car. But with a more powerful turbo boxer four option and better tech, the all-new 2020 Subaru Legacy seems to want at least some of its former glory back.

Welcome to the Wild World of Tokyo’s Underground Lowrider Culture

Lowriders aren’t exactly what you’d expect to be a perfect fit for Japan. Huge, classic American cars are relative rarity here, and it’s hard at first to imagine how lowriders themselves—a product of the car cultures of mostly Latinx and black gearheads on America’s West Coast after World War II—could gain a foothold here.

Tesla knocks $1,100 off price of the Model 3

The electric car company now says on its website that the car starts at $42,900, still a ways from its goal of lowering the base price to $35,000.

UK Police officer jailed for using his blue lights to jump traffic lights

Simon Wright, 59, used the blue lights on his car to jump traffic in Worthing West Sussex last summer, despite having no lawful reason to do so.

Digital license plates that cost whopping $499 now an option for Arizona drivers

Arizona is the latest state trying to phase out old-fashioned metal license plates in favor of digital ones.

New Ram 1500 pickup tailgate does the splits

The automaker has unveiled a clever new tailgate with a 60/40 split and side hinges that allows it to be opened in a variety of ways.

Why Bluetooth 5.1 Will Make it Easier to Find Your Missing Car Keys

BMW Driver hit family’s car then climbed out of the window of his own vehicle and simulated sex

Michael Jameson, 37, of Islington, London, simulated sex close to a wheel of his German saloon near Holywell in North Wales, magistrates at Mold were told.


Audi Cars Tell You How Fast to Go to Catch All Green Lights

The automaker’s new feature taps into light timing data to let drivers ride the “green wave” and breeze through town.

The Green Light Optimization Speed Advisory system is an expansion of Audi’s vehicle-to-infrastructure communication system: Since 2016, it has offered “time-to-green,” which tells the driver sitting at a red light how long they have to look at their phone before it’s time to go.

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