General Tips

Avoid Distractions

Don’t use the phone when driving, even with hands free. It’s too distracting in California. If you’re on a deserted area or somewhere that’s less populated, it’s easier to do. Train your friends, family members, spouses to not expect to reach you 24/7. Sometimes they have to wait or leave a message. Can we all do this? Not really, but let’s try.

Never Text while driving – Unless stopped at a stoplight. But it’s still illegal then I think.

Don’t Fight – Don’t get into augments with your passenger while driving. This often causes accidents. Pull over or put the fight on hold.

Kids – Kids are a huge distraction. Train them to behave or pull over or somehow ignore them.

Pay Attention – I see this when riding with women. When most guys are driving, everyone is looking outside and paying attention and comment on the drive, cars etc. When you’re in a car with many women the front windshield is like a TV channel running a show in the background as you sit around the living room (car) entertaining yourself. Maybe that would work if the car was on auto pilot in the year 2050 but today you’re driving the car. Driving isn’t as passive act. You’re not riding a horse as it takes you for a ride going where it wants to go. The action is happening outside not inside the car with the people, phone, food, etc. Hey did you know there’s a world out there and you’re driving in it? That’s why one of the greatest enemies is Minivan Mom. Pay attention to what you’re doing. It’s better for you and your family if you don’t crash your car or kill your family instead of trying to entertain people in the car or on the phone.

Upkeep – Keep your car in the best shape possible.

  • Security: Get an alarm or a good club. I have a club that fits over the clutch to prevent theft. The clubs over the steering wheel don’t work, don’t buy them.
  • Get repairs made to your car when things go wrong. Don’t put them off.
  • Have your brakes checked when you go in for repairs. Replace the pads as needed. Braking is something you do every time you drive and you want to always be able to brake. (if brakes fail: use emergency brake or downshift with your car and use the engine to slow you down).
  • Watch your tires. Rotate them every 3,000 miles and if they start to go bad, replace them. Sure it sucks replacing tires and it feels like you should ride them until they go bad. But “there’s a lot riding on your tires.” You can put your life or your car on the line over being cheap over tires. California people are lazy about tires and they suffer by lots of crashes whenever it rains.
  • avoid bumper stickers – They just piss people off or make cops target you. They’re funny but it’s not worth the hassle. Some people will key your car over your bumper stickers. Typically the people you see with those stickers are those who really don’t care about tickets or people f-ing with them or their car.

Slower Traffic Keep Right – If you see someone coming up faster behind you, signal, and change lanes to the right to let them by. You can go back after they pass if you are the 2nd fastest out there.

Turning Right – Signal before you turn but don’t do it way too early. If you do it too early people will assume you’re never turning and go around you or create some sort of accident. When you turn right, hug the curb as close as you can (without going into the gutter) so that people can go around you on the left side without slowing down.

Entering the Freeway – Punch it (slam the gas). Get going as fast as you can before you enter at least 60-70+ mph depending on how fast the other cars are going. Look back and left and see and judge what speed other cars are going.

Exiting the Freeway – Try to plan it so you’re not changing lanes at the last second. If you’re about to miss your turn, don’t kill yourself and others trying to make an exit. Just head to the next exit and do a U-TURN or whatever. I keep seeing people doing some insane 5 lane change, drive down the middle area and nearly crash into the barrels to make the exit. Stupid idiots!

Turns – Signal unless you think someone will block you by signally. Always look behind you left or right to make sure it’s clear. Keep in mind your car’s blind spot. Every so often cars get lost in there. Be sure to also check your side mirrors in addition to turning your neck. Do this EVERY time, even, when you assume no one is there. Because sometimes cars sneak in there.

Parking – Never take up more than one space. Try to park in the middle of the spot so that someone parking next to you will not have a hard time getting in or out of their car. (They’ll key you). Stay out of handicap spots unless you plan on staying in your car to wait and there are other handicap spots open for a handicapper to park. Never park on red curbs or in front of a fire hydrant. Unless there’s some special case at your apartments or something. I used to have to park in red curbs to load/unload. -Park away from other cars to reduce/avoid dents.

Bad Car Ride – If you ride with someone and they totally suck at driving, don’t drive with them again. Or another thing you can try is offering to drive in your car or drive instead. Don’t risk your life on the crappy driving of another person.

Intersections – Don’t gets stuck in an intersection being the only car that’s blocking a lane. Wait until there’s time to fit in first.

Stop Lights

  • Figure out how long the yellow lights run. In my town it’s 5 seconds. In other towns they’re all 3 seconds. Once you know, you can take a lot of yellow lights if you know you have enough time.
  • If you’re first in line at a red light make sure you pay attention and go when it’s green. It’s super annoying to see people pass you to get first at the light then sit there forever when the light turns green. -Honking: California people almost never honk, but I honk if the person at the light doesn’t go in like 5-10 seconds.
  • If you’re in a left turn lane, immediately go when the light goes green. Don’t delay. With almost all lights, if you delay at all, the people behind you get a red light and miss their turn for 3-5 minutes. Don’t be a dumb asshole that screws over people behind you with your incompetence.
  • Light just changed. If the light just changed to green, make sure you scan both directions before crossing the intersection. I see people run red lights, I see people try to make the light. My family was going to make a left turn with the van and someone ran a light. If they hadn’t checked they would have had someone plow into them at 60 mph running the light. A year or so back a light turned green and I went through it at 50 mph. The cars on the left and right lanes were stopped and I went by them in the middle. But unbeknownst to me a big group of people were crossing the street and they totally missed the crosswalk/light. I didn’t see them because they were right at the divider between the road directions, and were in front of the car stopped at the lane to the left of me. So I go down the middle lane at 50 mph cuz I had a green light and skimmed them all. I nearly plowed down 5 people if I would have been a bit later. I learned a lot from that. I don’t know what the law says but it seems like they were in the wrong but that wouldn’t have mattered had I plowed them all over. From then on, I slow down at recently green lights until I know for sure the crosswalk is clear.

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    • Vic on:
      "Quite often you see people that will turn right in front of you cutting you off when you are going some insane speed." The problem is your driving at an insane speed. It's insane aa you say.
    • Vic on:
      Who the hell do you think you are thinking like you own the road driving dangerously fast, putting lives in jeopardy? Slower, law abiding drivers also have a right to get in the fast lane if they need to switch freeways. I hope they install cameras to get all these potential murderers.
    • parker on:
      Asian Drivers
      same as american ladies. they drives suck
    • shane on:
      Don't piss off the truckers
      I have lived in cali for about 5 years now, originally from the mid west. one thing I notice is truck drivers are complete asshloes here. they always drive in the far right lane, don't even slow down to let cars merge. they act like they're driving minis and not an 18 ton car crusher.complete disregard for safty and totally unprofessional. maybe we need another way to ship goods!!!
    • Shijian zhang on:
      Hey, bro. I think you might be one of those bad driver! Many people said most left lab is a express lane! Who tol you that? Is there any different limit speed for different lane on the free way? Limit speed for any of the lanes on the free way! Of course I agree that slower traffics are better to stay in the most right lane but it is doesn't mean that you can go over speeding in the most left lane on the free way! I am a California driving instructor and owner. I believe that you need to learn driving again!
    • Dur on:
      California drivers 80% are stupid drivers,they are reckless, careless drivers and bad attitude.
    • Kendrix on:
      I agree and I have lived in California for the last 3 years. And yes, thus is the worst state i have yet to see in the US. There's so many people that drive here with no licenses and no insurance. And people who need to really go through drivers ed. My husband was rear ended on Highway I5 by a van with an illegal driver, my husband pulled over so did they but once my husband got out of the car they sped away. We got the license plate called the cops and they were able to track them down, but they used the excuse that the owner did not drive that day and that he did not know who drove his van that day. Our insurance took care of everything after finding out that the driver was indeed illegal, have no license. Again this morning this guy (if you can call him that, cut me off from a non passing lane and proceeded to slam on his break causing me to almost rear end him. And the jerk had the audacity to flick me off and cuss me out! He even went as far as telling me to get out of my car and Duke it out! What? So I did, I opened my door and guess what? The idiot ran a red light just to get away! Haha haha! Guess he was afraid of getting a beat down from a female! Which I'm glad it did not go that far as he's not worth going yo jail for! So, whoever you are black mini Cooper license plate 6XYK224, calm down, lay off the steroids and take anger management class along with driver's ed to learn how to drive properly!
    • Cliff Thompson on:
      LA drivers truly suck. I have been around the world and most of the other states. This is I notice for LA: 1) pass at the right drive slow on the left. 2) Weave in and out of lanes. This causes traffic for no reason. 3) ride ass. This also cause traffic for nothing. 4) drive too fast or too slow. Drive the speed of traffic. 5) not allow merging. The merger needs to drive the speed of traffic. The existing just needs to drive the same speed and make slight adjustments. 6) stupid lights. What is this blinking green left turnin the middle of rush hour. Do this at night. 7) stop driving like assholes. In most places thugs drive this way.
    • Name on:
      In Cali slow drivers cut off fast drivers, the exiting lane is now the passing lane to the point where they go on the exiting island. Not saying it happened once or twice. No, you'll watch 5 cars do it in 15 min. Everyone's on there phone. I almost get hit 3 times a day. And I just commute around my own city. It doesn't help that new drivers are given bmw's ether. They should have a license retake test every 4 years or so to get rid of some crazy drivers.
    • Dahlia on:
      Watch These Army Humvees Violently Crash Into The Ground After A Failed Airdrop
      I've lived in CA all my life. In 1987, the traffic in Orange County was gettin horrendous. In '91, I moved to San Diego and it was so much better. But, that was a long time ago. The County/City allows excessive growth, we have illegals driving here uninsured and with dangerous driving habits, and now a larger influx who drive here legally. It feels like I'm playing bumper cars at a Fair, going 70 mph! Not to mention the texters, cell phone users, tailgaters, weavers, and slow pokes. Seriously. If you are driving 45-60, stay in the SLOW lane. If 75-80, stay in the FAST lane. People forget there are consequences to driving like fools. Vehicular Manslaughter for one..PRISON. Maiming a person. Losing your license. Citations, which are one wks wages, here in CA. If you missed your exit, don't cut off 3 lanes of traffic! Get off at the NEXT exit and circle around! These things are such basics. And if CA DMV continues to hand out licenses like candy to uninsured, incompetent drivers, they are due a massive lawsuit! Gov and Employees! I think if SD continues to add more businesses and housing in already congested areas, they are due a massive lawsuit as well! One time it took me 45 minutes to drive 3 miles! And they're adding MORE business buildings to that area!? So, why do I stay? FAMILY. I appreciate that we have various cultures here, lots to do, decent weather, but we do have a lot of people here who are clueless about personal space! Some people are snooty, have a sense of entitlement and some are just plain ol' mean and act like elitists. There are pervs all throughout our neighborhoods, sex offenders. Yeah, that gives me a GREAT sense of security. And people are messed up with addictions of all sorts. THIS is what Boxer, Feinstein, Brown and the Liberals have done to this beautiful state. Not to mention introducing sex ed at Kindergarten on up. Which has led to sexual harassment in the schools...."boys" pressuring their classmates to sleep with them. What a travesty! Now Obama wants to allow males in all Girls and Women's Restrooms?!? Do you not see the MADNESS of this political party? "Bad is good; good is bad." Forcing Nuns to cover insurance which covers abortion??? When he said Americans would not be forced to pay for abortions. This nation was founded with the Declaration of Independence, "Rights to...LIFE, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness..." We protect unhatched Eagle's Eggs. They have more rights than Humans, by Hillary's estimation! Children born here by illegal parents are given Constitutional rights as US citizens, even before birth. The illegal mother gets free medical assistance, as well as the unborn and newborn child. It's a farce. Hillary is just trying to buy votes....or she has lost her soul. Don't you see, as we elect godless leaders, who have no conscience, we ALL suffer the consequences. Are you paying more taxes? More out of pocket for medical care and insurance? I AM. $3000 per yr out of pocket, plus premiums. "You will not pay one more dime when Obamcare goes through." LIE. Honesty, integrity, value for Life, protecting those who are WEAK, who have no voice, treating others as YOU would like to be treated. Would you have wanted to be murdered in the womb? Torn apart in a painful abortion, so your cells could be used in experiments (btw, which so far has not yielded one cure)? Vote your CONSCIENCE. Vote with the values instilled in your soul. Drop any candidate who is self seeking, miopic, blind to the state of the nation, perverting our land. Drop any candidate who is an iron fisted bully or a spineless blob. 1 chance, the you're out! If they fail to live up to their promises. Recall them. Impeach them. Stop the senseless spending.

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    I’ve driven in California since 1991. I’ve spent many trips running up and down the state as well as driving in many other states. After all of this driving, I became fed up with how bad California drivers on. I wanted to point out what they do to either help change a few drivers or at least entertain the rest of the world with Californian’s horrible driving.

    I’m located in Orange County in a couple of the richest areas. I see every type of car that is out there in this area. It’s like a car show. Going to a car show isn’t exciting anymore because you see most of the cars driving around anyway. I also work at a place where people buy all the different types of cars. We have Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Lotus, etc. So you can even see a lot of the cars in the work parking lot.

    Disclaimer: You’re on your own with these tips. They are not the official law and in no way represent what you should be doing should a cop pull you over.

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