Keep them working

Make sure you keep both your headlights & tail lights in working condition. If one breaks, try to as soon as possible replace it. Although I don’t think the cops try to hard to enforce it, they can write you up for that.
The reasoning is for both a safety factor and because 2 headlights helpyou see better.

In Northern Cali up in the Napa Valley, when I was going to college, just about every car up there drove with only one headlight. It bugged the heck out outta me. One day driving from the gas station back to school I counted 10 cars in a 5 mile stretch with only one head light. Most of them were in a row too. It was the thing to do up there. Idiots! ๐Ÿ™‚

Flash Pass

When you got someone in the fast lane hogging it and they are either not going fast enough or not passing fast enough, I usually high beam them by flashing my lights a few times. That should indicate to them to get
the fuck out of the way. In California you often find most idiots don’t know what that means and keep on driving like nothing is happening. Because they are fools. But if you see someone doing that to you,
get outta their way because usually these are the same people who don’t care if they ram you
to get past you ๐Ÿ™‚

Cop Warning

When you know a cop is hiding out ready to snag people. It’s very nice to warn people down the road about him. What you do is flash your lights on and off repeatedly a few times. (NOT BRIGHTS) In the day time this
should let the drivers know something is up. If they are smart, they should realize that’s what you mean, either that or danger, two reasons to slow down. Normally you don’t do that thing at night because flashing your lights on and off at night might make them think their lights aren’t on or that their brights are.

Sundown, low visibility

Whenever you get into low visibilty (in the day) due to rain (ANY RAIN), fog, dust whatever, or it starts to get
dark, turn on your full lights. Don’t do that stupid parking light thing you see most people doing. In California that’s illegal and it’s kinda stupid in the first place. I would recommend turning on your head lights about an 30 mins to 1 hour before Sundown. In California most freeways are like West to East so you’re either going into the sun as it’s setting or going away from it drawing attention away from your car and making it very hard to see against the sun. Therefor it’s very important to turn on your lights. Don’t be a slacker DO IT. There is no harm in it at all.


There are 2 fog lights, the yellow ones and the clear ones. As I understand it, the yellow are to be seen and the white are to see. From talking to my dad, neither seem to do THAT great of a job in fog, so I’ve never bothered with getting any.

Fog lights Style

A few years or so back, someone (I would say a stupid ass gangster) decided to start a new style. Let’s turn on the fog lights in the middle of the bloody day for no reason at all! Sometimes you see these morons driving around blinding you with those things. They should ticket those biotchs.

Parking lights

A good place to use your parking lights is when, get this, you’re parking! If you notice cops at night when they are trying to set their little speed traps usually leave their parking lights on. I imagine they are forced to, or do it for safety reasons otherwise they wouldn’t. I’ve noticed some of the new cars have parking lights on all the time rather than that day time running lamp stuff. Which I guess is better.

2 Lanes

Quite often it’s customary to turn your lights on, on two lane roads. You may find signs that say “daylight section” or something to that effect. That is what they mean. The idea is that you turn on your lights for people passing. It’s a whole lot easier to tell how much room you have to pass when someone has their lights on in most cases. Sometimes that makes you not pull passes that you probably could make which is probably a good idea in some cases.. I usually don’t turn my lights on in these sections unless I see people passing, then I go for it. My reasoning is that copscan spot those lights a long way away too and I want to remain as hidden
as possible.

Green/Blue Lights?

You may notice that some of the newer cars have really odd colors of headlights. I’ve seen green and blue. The green ones are kinda confusing as are the super blue ones. A few people had something to say about them.

A lot of the newer Mercedes come with funky halogens that give off a distinct blue
color.. Some BMWs too. Other than that, you can buy blue/green headlights. In
Canada the blue ones are legal (but not the _really_ blue ones) and the greens are
not. My friend had green headlights on his Civic and got slapped with a $75 fine
(like $3 US). He got caught 3 days before Christmas, so he tried convincing the
cop that he was just being festive. I guess they weren’t Christian ๐Ÿ™‚



i think those new green/blue lights are xenon lamps, which are brighter
than the halogen ones we’ve been using. i know those are standard on the
new audi’s, and therefore on the Bimmers too. Those car companies are
freakin’ putting those new focused lamps on their cars (czech out the new
infiniti’s) which they have been using in europe for like almost 10 years
becuase the reflector system that most cars use in North america really
bites efficiencywise. those new focused lamps are FINALLY here.


Purple tail Lights

Have you seen those tail lights that look purple when people brake? I am
almost positive those are illegal in cali. I’ve seen quite a bit of people
pulled over for that.
What they do is put this purple dot in the tail that makes the brake lights
a weird purple.

Driving Lights

About 10 years or so ago, driving lights became very popular. They became so popular that new cars even offer them. You may wonder why. I do. Driving lights offer additional lighting legally. You have to watch and make sure they aren’t pointed into people’s eyes like mine are ๐Ÿ™‚ I think driving lights are cool and I’d get them. The only thing that sucks is that most people’s driving lights are pointed in your eyes and if you flash them with your brights, they hit their brights.

those daytime running lights…

they are mandatory in all new cars in Canada now. they were installed in
the early 90’s… 92-93 i think. the idea is that they make the car more
visible (like you said) and they claim they can reduce accidents by as much
as 20% !!!! wow! that’s like that centre mounted stop light crap they
peddled in the 80’s..

ok, so the car IS more visible from far away, esp. in extreme lighting
conditions, like in a shaded parkway, dusk, or rain. the last two, i hate
it when people don’t have their lights on when it’s rainy. you can see
them so much easier… that’s just bad.

there are articles about them in the NMA homepage that explain that they
arn’t really that helpful, and will eventually put non daytime equipped
drivers at risk because people will not see them as clearly.


Aiming your Headlights

Occasionally, your lights get all screwed up and you have to aim them. What you do is drive up to some garage door and use that to properly aim them. If at least one is right, then you can adjust the other to it, but if they are both screwed you just pretty much gotta play with them till they work right. Not that I’m any mechanic or anything.

Passing Light Flash

If you drive long distances across country, there is something you will notice the truckers do. What they do is when a truck passes another truck, the one that is being passed flashes their head lights when the passing truck is safe to pull back in. When you’re pulling a trailer, you might notice they do the same for you when you pass them. Some idiots screw it up and flash their brights,if you see them doing that. That’s what they are TRYING to do.


There’s a lot to know….

Be nice!

Once you get a certain distance near an oncomming car or behind a car going the same direction as you, turn off your brights. People don’t want be blinded and there is no reason to blind them. What distance is
the right distance? You’ll just know that after a while of driving. When I have my brights on, I always have my hand on the trigger ready to lower them. Watch for reflections of car lights over hills and so on which
almost always let you know when a car is coming. I pride myself on my bright using ability ๐Ÿ™‚ I believe you can be pulled over if you use your brights on people without turning them down when you come. Of course NO ONE EVER enforces that. Biotches.. I’ve always fantasized about turning on some lightbar as if I were a cop when people don’t turn their brights off. Just to scare them. ๐Ÿ™‚

My car has some auto-bright feature or something. A sensor in the back of the
rear view mirror tells if someone is approaching at night (lights ahead) and
turns the brights down automatically. Then after they go by it puts the brights
back on. I like it. There is a knob that adjusts the sensitivity (range) and
the minimum time between on’s and off’s so it doesn’t flicker i guess. It’s a 93


The Bright Pass

Sometimes when you pass people at night (legally or illegally) they get pissed off and turn on their brights. This happens much more with old people. They seem to think that no one has the right to pass or something. Normally when people do this, I almost always find out they are some old person but not always.

The counter move to this is to jam on the brakes. The car ahead has all the power. When I pass someone and they beam me, I jam on the brakes. Not really rough as to cause them to ram me but I’ll just start slowing down all the way to like 25 mph. If they try to pass me, then I speed up and don’t let them pass. I make them drive at 25 for a little while then take off. If they do the bright again, I do that again.

What makes this work is people who beam are almost always pusses. They do the beam cuz they are scared or something. They think somehow you’re endangering them or you’re some reckless driver by passing. By doing this tho’ you’re running the risk that they will go crazy and ram you or follow you or whip out the guns. But that’s a risk I like to take. Generally as I pass people I take a look at who is in the car. If it’s people that
you don’t wanna screw with, I don’t. So far this maneuver has provided me with plenty of joy and no problems ๐Ÿ™‚

Hand on the Trigger

Every so often, you will be coming right up on an oncomming car and they will, right before they, pass you flip their brights on right in your eyes. They figure you will be slow slow on the draw that they can get away with it. I never let them get away with that. I keep my hand on the trigger and as soon as they pull that crap, I’m right back on them with my brights.

Enemy gots their brights on you

It’s kinda hard to tell when people have their brights on or not sometimes epecially with these new cars with super lights. If you think they are using their brights on you, flash them real quick. If they don’t have them on
they will probably flash you back. If so, maybe they will turn them off. Either way it’s usually worth the risk. Usually with trucks it’s just they are so high up it looks like they got them on. Stupid trucks.

Brights on their mamma

If someone is particularly slow to get their brights off what I’ll do is turn mine on just as they pass me. I figure they deserve it for being such a lard ass ๐Ÿ™‚ Because usually those people are so slow on the draw, they will never get theirs up before you pass them.

Bright wars

Occasionally I’ll be driving along and someone will flash me as if I have my brights on. I’ll flash them back to show them I don’t have mine up. But sometimes they just keep theirs on. That’s when I whip out
the driving lights on their ass. It’s pretty neat to get some really strong blinding lights just for that occasion. Usually that causes them to take theirs down giving you the win ๐Ÿ™‚

One Light out, Brights

Sometimes people’s headlights go out (well the non bright filament) so what they do to compensate is turn on their brights because they can’t see with their one light. What they should do is get off their
lazy ass and just fix it but they rarely do. You often see this with older cars. So anyway these people think they can just turn their brights on you. Don’t let them get away with it, when you are sure this is what they are up to, beam their mama.


3 Responses to “Headlights”

  1. jejd says:

    I’ll sometimes bright people who pass me in the carpool lane when they’re not supposed to be there (only 1 person inside).. other than that, it’s pretty lame.

  2. Devin says:

    Re: Flash pass. Nobody has to move out of a lane unless he or she is going really a lot under the speed limit. Fast lane included. If you’re unhappy it’s your job to have the guts to pass, not to flash your lights and say get out of my way! If you’re not from CA, don’t come back!

  3. Mike says:

    Devin: Re: Flash pass. California law, which is on signage along all the highways, is “Slower traffic keep right.” You do need to move to the right if someone wants to pass, regardless of the current speed limit. Unfortunately, too many jerks like you are ignorant of the law.

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    • Sick_of_A$$Hats_on_the_road on:
      OMG - I haven't laughed so hard in a long, long time!! This was brilliant, JDP 2005!! I realize it's from 2014 ... I'm only now seeing it. Loved it!! Totally relate to all!
    • Disillusioned_CA_Transplant on:
      Hey, I'm liberal, but I'm an intelligent, east-coast liberal who moved here and I agree with everything you posted except the liberal part ... they are mostly mindless morons - but this goes beyond politics. I too have driven in just about every state in the Union and overseas. Although most states have their fair share of asshole drivers who have many of the bad habits listed above (FL especially), CA seems to have them ALL, and then some!! Ugh.
    • John Carponti on:
      I wish that Cali drivers would stay in California and not come to Las Vegas, Nevada! They are some of the worst drivers I have seen and generally make driving on the I-15 miserable. They seem to think that the speed limit signs don't apply to them. When they leave Vegas and head South on I-15 they jam and back up the Interstate near Primm for hours because all these morons all leave at the same time on Sunday. When it gets backed up they act like the emergency lane is their own private express lane and utilize it illegally. Truth be known, here in Las Vegas we hate people who come here from California. Do us a favor, stay where you are and don't come here. Trust me, we think of you as the a-holes you are.
    • Koko on:
      Top Other Enemies
      In my area Subaru drivers and Honda drivers are the worst.
    • Koko on:
      Top Other Enemies
      In Oregon it's the California drivers and tourists that drive me insane, like no, it's not OK to drive slowly in the left lane when there is only two lanes.and one lane is pilled up with semi trucks, My town has been invaded with s.Californians and have ruined the driving experience. They'll stop in the middle,soft he road to take pictures of deer. They'll take up literally every parking spot down town, cut you off on the freeway even though no on is behind you. Use their phones because they for some reason think it's legal in Oregon, as if we are that backwards and behind in times. Text and drive. And drive like complete a holes because they can't figure out how to bet around in a small town where literally every road gets you where you need to go.
    • Miles on:
      Asian Drivers
      parker ain't wrong though lol
    • Laura on:
      THANK YOU!! I couldn't agree with you more! I just moved here from Kirkland, WA last July and I'm already thinking about moving back. I'm already sick of all the people here in California that have such self entitlement attitudes and such disregard for life they think the traffic laws don't apply to them. Since I've been here I've almost been in several accidents and almost been run over in a crosswalk but these people don't care! They are reckless A$$holes!!
    • Laura on:
      Totally agree!! I moved here not even a year ago and I'm already thinking about moving back!
    • JANE DOE on:
    • BT on:
      Hey, I'm stuck in CA driving with these idiots all the time. But you can't complain if you're from TX about CA drivers, although it is the only TX place I have been, Houston drivers are just as bad.
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