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Hyundai Gave Its Concept Car a Bunch of Features You Can’t Buy Yet

Porsche’s top-of-the-line EV to get the Turbo name and a $130,000-plus price tag

Car parking spaces in Westfield London aimed at promoting diversity left shoppers baffled

The 2019 Lamborghini Urus Drives Like the Vengeful King of Crossovers

Woman Becomes High Mileage Hero By Driving Her Hyundai Elantra One Million Miles In Five Years, And Even Hyundai Can’t Believe It

Woman At Gas Station Trying To Figure Out How To Fill Up Her Tesla

Buyer saves 1,000 mph car project from bankruptcy

Cyclist Tells Driver To Put Down Phone, Driver Argues He Can Text And Drive Safely, Crashes

Volkswagen Restores Woman’s Beloved Beetle She’s Had For 52 Years

If there’s been a silver lining to Volkswagen’s whole Dieselgate mess, its that since all that happened, the company has been working overtime to take our collective minds off that, and on to positive stories and experiences, many of which revolve around classic Volkswagens and their owners and the surrounding culture. This time the result is particularly great: VW of America has paid to fully restore a 73-year-old woman’s beloved Beetle that she’s owned since 1966.

Tesla Wants Former Employee to Pay $167 Million for Alleged Sabotage

Martin Tripp, a former technician at Tesla’s Gigafactory turned whistleblower, is embroiled in a nasty lawsuit with the EV manufacturer and recently released court documents show that Tesla is not taking Tripp’s alleged “sabotage” lightly. The company wants Tripp to pay $167 million in damages for public statements he’s made that Tesla claims are false. Tesla Wants Former Employee to Pay $167 Million for Alleged Sabotage

Amazon Is Selling Its Own Brand of Motor Oil Now And It’s Just Weird

Amazon, the company that will probably be the only place to buy anything in the future (much like how Taco Bell will be the only restaurant in the future, at least according toDemolition Man) has a line of self-branded products called Amazon Basics. It’s mostly filled with things people need but aren’t too brand-conscious about: batteries, pens, coat hangers, that kind of thing. Now motor oil is that kind of thing, too.

Texas driver, 28, grateful to be alive after rollaway tire smashes her car’s windshield

A Houston driver said Thursday that she is grateful to be alive to tell the tale after a flying tire smashed into her car’s windshield and shattered nearly all the glass, according to a report.

This $1.4 Million Ford GT Resale Will Cost You an Extra $1.2 Million to Export From Europe

The current generation of the Ford GT is a hardcore supercar, no matter how deeply you’ve pledged yourself to the religion that only worships powerhouses with eight cylinders in a V-shaped formation. But some GTs, like the stunning red one here, pack a few less appealing, and expensive, realities.

Tesla shares video of a Model 3 being assembled from start to finish

The Honda Civic Type R looks crazy so it doesn’t drive that way

Porsche’s most premium EV will cost over $130,000

There’s Someone in South Africa Daily Driving a Crazy Rare Volkswagen Prototype Like It’s No Big Deal

Elon Musk’s LA tunnel turns Teslas into a ‘rail-guided train’

Lamborghini supercar is left a total wreck after smash on the M62 

The Lamborghini Urus Wearing 23-Inch Wheels Is the Same as a Short Girl in Platform Heels

GOOGLE Self-Driving Cars Pelted By Rocks, Tires Slashed in AZ…

Elon Musk asks Tesla employees to test out new full self-driving mode

This Scion xB Dressed as an Old Volkswagen Microbus Is Remarkably Well Done

The Subaru Impreza STI Concept Doesn’t Look Like It’ll Be the Fast AWD Hatch We All Want

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    • Sick_of_A$$Hats_on_the_road on:
      Why do California Drivers Suck?
      OMG - I haven't laughed so hard in a long, long time!! This was brilliant, JDP 2005!! I realize it's from 2014 ... I'm only now seeing it. Loved it!! Totally relate to all!
    • Disillusioned_CA_Transplant on:
      Why do California Drivers Suck?
      Hey, I'm liberal, but I'm an intelligent, east-coast liberal who moved here and I agree with everything you posted except the liberal part ... they are mostly mindless morons - but this goes beyond politics. I too have driven in just about every state in the Union and overseas. Although most states have their fair share of asshole drivers who have many of the bad habits listed above (FL especially), CA seems to have them ALL, and then some!! Ugh.
    • John Carponti on:
      Why do California Drivers Suck?
      I wish that Cali drivers would stay in California and not come to Las Vegas, Nevada! They are some of the worst drivers I have seen and generally make driving on the I-15 miserable. They seem to think that the speed limit signs don't apply to them. When they leave Vegas and head South on I-15 they jam and back up the Interstate near Primm for hours because all these morons all leave at the same time on Sunday. When it gets backed up they act like the emergency lane is their own private express lane and utilize it illegally. Truth be known, here in Las Vegas we hate people who come here from California. Do us a favor, stay where you are and don't come here. Trust me, we think of you as the a-holes you are.
    • Koko on:
      Top Other Enemies
      In my area Subaru drivers and Honda drivers are the worst.
    • Koko on:
      Top Other Enemies
      In Oregon it's the California drivers and tourists that drive me insane, like no, it's not OK to drive slowly in the left lane when there is only two lanes.and one lane is pilled up with semi trucks, My town has been invaded with s.Californians and have ruined the driving experience. They'll stop in the middle,soft he road to take pictures of deer. They'll take up literally every parking spot down town, cut you off on the freeway even though no on is behind you. Use their phones because they for some reason think it's legal in Oregon, as if we are that backwards and behind in times. Text and drive. And drive like complete a holes because they can't figure out how to bet around in a small town where literally every road gets you where you need to go.
    • Miles on:
      Asian Drivers
      parker ain't wrong though lol
    • Laura on:
      Why do California Drivers Suck?
      THANK YOU!! I couldn't agree with you more! I just moved here from Kirkland, WA last July and I'm already thinking about moving back. I'm already sick of all the people here in California that have such self entitlement attitudes and such disregard for life they think the traffic laws don't apply to them. Since I've been here I've almost been in several accidents and almost been run over in a crosswalk but these people don't care! They are reckless A$$holes!!
    • Laura on:
      Why do California Drivers Suck?
      Totally agree!! I moved here not even a year ago and I'm already thinking about moving back!
    • JANE DOE on:
      Why do California Drivers Suck?
    • BT on:
      Why do California Drivers Suck?
      Hey, I'm stuck in CA driving with these idiots all the time. But you can't complain if you're from TX about CA drivers, although it is the only TX place I have been, Houston drivers are just as bad.
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    I’ve driven in California since 1991. I’ve spent many trips running up and down the state as well as driving in many other states. After all of this driving, I became fed up with how bad California drivers on. I wanted to point out what they do to either help change a few drivers or at least entertain the rest of the world with Californian’s horrible driving.

    I’m located in Orange County in a couple of the richest areas. I see every type of car that is out there in this area. It’s like a car show. Going to a car show isn’t exciting anymore because you see most of the cars driving around anyway. I also work at a place where people buy all the different types of cars. We have Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Lotus, etc. So you can even see a lot of the cars in the work parking lot.

    Disclaimer: You’re on your own with these tips. They are not the official law and in no way represent what you should be doing should a cop pull you over.

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