Subaru will sell 400,000 cars in the US this year

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If Subaru’s sales continue as they have for the last 9 months the Japanese automaker will break the 400,000 sales mark for the first time since they arrived in America 50 years ago.

Surprise! $528,000 Ferrari F50 Driven By Shirtless Asshat Crashes

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  • It sold for $528,000 in 2002.

Cal Worthington, last of the great used car pitchmen, remembered The last of the great pitchmen.

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Road and Track

During his career, Worthington set several performance standards in a market that was considered extremely straightforward and rather staid when he first hung out his sales shingle in the ’40s.

“He was the first one to market in that way, mass-marketing individual cars: ‘Here’s one for 29.99.’ You would see several individual cars in a short ad span, in a peppy, jingly way,” said Welch. “He really pushed the envelope.”


Worst Driver

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Google Street View Goes To Honda Museum, Makes World Travel Obsolete

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The Honda Museum, and really all of Japan, is on my bucket list of places that I need to visit sooner rather than later. Everything about Japan, and I mean everything, fascinates me. Car culture is just a small part of that, but the Honda Museum is one of those places I’ve heard is a must see.

This Million Dollar Toyota 2000GT Didn’t Get A Shiny Garage

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This $1.2 Million Toyota Nearly Tripled In Value In Three YearsThe Toyota 2000GT is an absolutely stunning car. They only made 351 of these (only 62 LHD) long, lithe lovelies

Ford Racing EcoBoost prototype sets new Daytona speed record: 222.971 mph

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The old record was set back in 1987 by Bill Elliott in a NASCAR cup car during qualifying for the Daytona 500, at 210.364 mph.

Tesla’s $110,000 Model S is now Norway’s best-selling car

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Tesla Motor Inc.’s all-electric Model S became the top-selling car in Norway last month, with drivers in the country of 5 million people paying a premium to buy the award-winning luxury car second-hand to avoid having to wait five months for a new one, dealers said on Tuesday.

East LA Pursuit Crash

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Watch How Aston Martin Built The $1.7 Million One-77

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Every now and again a new, ultra-rare hypercar comes along, with less than 100 units made for a very exclusive clientele. The McLaren F1, the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR, and the Ferrari 250 GTO all fall into this category. So too, does the Aston Martin One-77, and with only 77 units built (see what they did there?), it’s a beautiful thing.P



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    • Devin on:
      Re: Flash pass. Nobody has to move out of a lane unless he or she is going really a lot under the speed limit. Fast lane included. If you're unhappy it's your job to have the guts to pass, not to flash your lights and say get out of my way! If you're not from CA, don't come back!
    • gabriel on:
      It's not all California though: I grew up in the Inland Empire where even though people are poorer they actually have some common sense. It wasn't until I moved to orange county where I realize the true meaning of idiots (especially jumping into a lane while you're flying at full speed). I attribute it to the following: Asians Mexicans Orange County as rich as it is, it's people lack intelligence and especially common sense, they're a bunch of freaking robots out here. I have never met dumber people in my life till I moved out to orange county.
    • I_Want_Outta_CA on:
      California has a few things going for it; but gawddamn, it sucks to be a driver in this state! Especially if you’re one of those responsible drivers who actually have automobile insurance. I’m a transplant from New England and have been living in CA for over 5 years. Got into my first fender-bender a couple of days ago. I was stopped at a major intersection waiting for traffic to pass so I could turn right. As I was creeping up a little bit to get a better view of the oncoming traffic from the left, BAM!, we get rear-ended. I don’t care how much experience you have with accidents (hopefully, not many) but getting hit unexpectedly by another vehicle will rattle you. But for some reason I still had the sense to think the following and this was my mindset at the time: Wife, who was the passenger at the time, was ok – Yes. Next, should I stop and get out of the vehicle to check the damage and that the other driver is ok – No (because it was at an intersection with train tracks running parallel to the main street I was turning into – the dude that hit me was still on top of them). Determine the safest place possible to pull over and exchange information – absolutely no break-down lane on the busy street I was turning on to, with the nearest parking lot about 1000 feet on the right. So I determined the best alternative was to use the very next turning lane about 100 feet on the left to get across the street into the nearest lot, all while gesturing to other guy to follow me. BIG F-ing mistake. As I was pulling into the plaza, my wife kept an eye on the dude and says to go quick because he’s making a run for it – he’s making a u-turn! So we follow him to the next parking lot he turned into which was apparently where he worked (Grand American Tires) and we found him out in back of the building, obviously checking the front of his early model white Camry. So we park next to him and told him “Hey, you hit us at the intersection back there. Why did you run?” In broken, eastern European English, he says “Wha? Are you sure it was me??” “Look! I got no damage! What are you talking about?!” His front bumper did not have any obvious paint from our rear bumper, if any residual paint was there it was scuffed off with his sleeve; but our bumper was substantially pushed in with some traces of white paint, can hardly close the trunk. He essentially denied he did anything and his only argument was the fact that “if” indeed he was at fault and hit us, then why didn’t I pull over?! Really? The fact that I did not pull over right away automatically absolves you of any wrongdoing? The short and long of it, Ivan refused to give me his information. I called the cops, twice (911 and local station); but dispatchers kept telling me that unless there is an injured party, they are not required to send anyone out and that they can’t resolve disputes of this nature. We were so pissed. Now it’s our word against his. We were obviously not getting anywhere with this asshole and all I could manage was to take a picture of his car and its license plate and let my insurance company handle the situation (which I called my insurance company not 20 minutes after the whole ordeal). You are absolutely screwed here in CA if you get into an accident and the other party refuses to cooperate. They can just deny, deny, deny. Who wants to get into the hassle of going to small claims court just to get back at them? Now if my claims adjuster/agent determines it’s my word against his, then I’m screwed and stuck with paying my $500 deductible. Take a couple of hardknock lessons from me. 1.) Invest in one of those vehicle cams that record everything while you are moving. 2.) if 1 above isn’t possible, in an event of an accident, pull over immediately no matter what/where – let folks get hit by Amtrak trains, block traffic and let the “busy” police direct it or 3.) if you have some time to spare, in an event of an accident, park the car immediately, stop, drop and roll in writhing pain – create a fucking scene until the police and ambulance get there. In situations 2 & 3 above you’ll probably have a better chance at getting the offending party’s information. God, it’s just not worth the effort to try and be a half-decent person these days. I can’t wait for the next solicitor to knock at my front door today so I can just literally tell them to get the Hell off my property and to go FUCK yourselves/OFF.
    • boss on:
      california the biggest baddest richest bitch in the world and they cant even afford enough cops to slow the fkers down and force respect as the law defines GOING THE SPEEDLIMIT even in town ehn i lived in the east bay id be going 45 and every fing bastrd would be doinf 65 as no cops ever stop the lwless bstard from hell omg this is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA have some repect for yr fellow people ansd abey the lws or in my books yr a fing criminal and risk killing a life at anytimg eoyu pulling yr crap HIRE MORE COPS TO PATROL AND LIKE WASHINGTO HAVE UNMARKED COPS CARS FRO TRAFFIC DUTY IT WORKS REALL WELL
    • boss on:
      ron i agree their assholes
    • boss on:
      F MAN WHO GIVES A F IF THEY WalK AWAY LOOK AT THE MOVIE STAR BLWOING AROUND IN HIS 400K PORSHE LIKE HES THE REAL SHEET HES FING DEAD and i probabl;y have a great idea of how the fing retard was drivng and he probably deserves it, im not the guy who judges but i can only imagine how a rich california arsehole with a 600 hp 400k porsche drives god was probably getting even , hes probably blew down the road at 120 mph too many times and you know what karma bites fucking hard california i wouldnt be suprized some day if the fker falls in the ocen and the nuttts will blow righ in at 90 mph pedal to the metal in their junk toyotas
    • boss on:
      california drivers are the biggest bstrds in the world when it comes to driving , their lawless ness little bestrds from hell scowl on their face staring every outta stater down like some zombie , basically they know no cops will stop em its bullsheet i hate it there its like a 3rd world country like mexico where people plain dont give a crap if mr mendez runs over 5 dogs 3 cats and his mother to get to his crappy 7 an hour job in crappy oakland ,and yes i see more mexicans driving like nutttzzz then anyone although ive see it all there omg why are californians such arse holes on the road what silent rage????because their not alll hipster holly woood types ????only place i seen it consertively some what decent was the santa rosa /napa area. HEY CALIFORNIA HIRE MORE COPS RETARDS
    • Torie Sawinski on:
      Car Mods
      I've been reading this blog for the great while. Keep up the amazing job you are doing here.
    • Tim Reardon on:
      I want to agree with everything for which this website stands. California is the only asinine state that allows lane splitting, which now they call "sharing", becaus "splitting" only too accurately calls the violent image of 2 vehicles sharing one lane. The whole state administration and it's motorcycle riders should be entered on to the Darwin List. The one idea I want to disagree with is letting people get into the lane. California has this behavior where drivers move to the right, to a shoulder or right lane, only to cut into an exit lane or vice versa, not meant for their use to push past traffic. Should I let them in? They are actually making traffic worse for me and everyone behind me. Each extra jerk adds a few seconds to the traffic, and there are hundreds of thousands of jerks in each bigger area. I have driven in every area of this country. California is the absolute worst place to drive, from the douchebags who create their own off-ramps, to the a-holes who pull a u-turn over double yellows into oncoming traffic, I hope there is a hell if only to see you morons burn in it.
    • supervillain on:
      This Million Dollar Toyota 2000GT Didn't Get A Shiny Garage
      The Toyota USA Museum by my house has 3 of them.

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    I’ve driven in California since 1991. I’ve spent many trips running up and down the state as well as driving in many other states. After all of this driving, I became fed up with how bad California drivers on. I wanted to point out what they do to either help change a few drivers or at least entertain the rest of the world with Californian’s horrible driving.

    I’m located in Orange County in a couple of the richest areas. I see every type of car that is out there in this area. It’s like a car show. Going to a car show isn’t exciting anymore because you see most of the cars driving around anyway. I also work at a place where people buy all the different types of cars. We have Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Lotus, etc. So you can even see a lot of the cars in the work parking lot.

    Disclaimer: You’re on your own with these tips. They are not the official law and in no way represent what you should be doing should a cop pull you over.

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