Saturday News

Video of driver ‘straight snoozing going 75 mph’ in his Tesla Model 3 goes viral

Porsche’s Taycan EV has pulled in more than 20,000 deposits

Tesla’s Autopilot system does NOT make driving safer and may even increase the risk of crashes

In 2017, the NHTSA determined that Tesla’s system wasn’t just safe, but actually slashed crash rates by nearly 40 percent. A new investigation into the findings suggest the opposite may be true.

Tesla Model Y reveal set for March 14

The Koenigsegg Jesko is the world’s first 300MPH road car

China Suspends Sales of Tesla Model 3’s After Customs Officials Find ‘Irregularities’

The import and sale of Tesla Model 3 vehicles in China has reportedly been suspended after customs officials found “irregularities” with the vehicles.

This $12.5 Million Bugatti Is the Most Expensive New Car Ever

Here’s How That Tesla Model X Burned Down On a Frozen Lake Without Going Through The Ice

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