Top Other Enemies

I’ve been kinda avoiding making this page, because it may seem like some sort of Nazi page, but it must be made. I have to say what other people won’t.

This is my personal list and it may just be where I live (Southern California) Below is most certainly stereo types, and obviously doesn’t refer to EVERY person of any of the below groups. But they are general trends I’ve noticed when looking at a particular group over all.

#1 – Old People

I seriously doubt anyone has more experience driving with/against old people than I do. I started Driving in Hemet, California. Hemet is made up of 60-80% people over 55. A random survey of people entering a grocery store on the day I moved there was 98/100 of them were old people. I’ve spend years and years
driving around them and I believe I’m qualified to make my judgements.

First, we can’t just say take all the old people off the road. They need to get around too, and buses probably aren’t the best for that. We don’t want to get old and lose our cars just because we become old. But what SHOULD happen is driving should be taken away if people at that age, or any age or not skilled enough to drive safely anymore. Unfortunately this does NOT happen in California, and probably no where else either. On the day of my driving test, I was watching an old lady to the sight test. (The Giant E thing). Even with her glasses on, she couldn’t read past the 2nd line. But did that stop her from getting her license, they said good enough, and let her slide. I couldn’t even believe it. Maybe it’s not like that everywhere but it certainly is that way around me. I see people driving every day that obviously have no clue what’s going on, it’s like they are riding a bronco and they are trying their best to keep control of their car.

Old People drive Erratically

The biggest problem I’ve noticed with old people is you have no idea what they are going to do. They seem to do all these totally unexpected things and that is what makes them the most dangerous drivers in my book.

Old People drive slow

Old people drive slow. Overall, old people drive at incredibly slow speeds (usually right below the speed limit). When you get in front of a slow driver, quite often for me it’s an old person. But once I actually had an Old lady try to Drag race me. I beat her, but she made a nice try, I was impressed 🙂

Old People have really bad situational awareness

Overall I’d say old people seem to have a really bad idea of what is going on around them. It’s like they are doing their own thing and we’re just in an
other world or something. That is why you see them in the fast lane with people flying around them +30 mph their speed, see them entering the freeway at
45 mph. Yet another thing I see them do connected to this, is cut me off via changing lanes or turning onto a road in front of me when I’m driving
really fast (and them slow)

I kid you not, when I used to drive to work in Hemet, all summer. I had an old person try to ram my car at 3-5 times a week. I would have to dodge their car. They would turn in front of me when I was cruising along or cut me off by changing lanes, but it always happened, and it was 98/100 an old

Here is another example, at my Junior High, there was this old lady (well over 90) that drove a Pinto with a roof rack. And she would go around telling people that the roof rack keeps the aliens from landing on her car. She was serious too. They let those people drive?

This isn’t everyone

I’m not saying everyone who is old does these things, but if you were to make a check of all drivers over 55, I believe you would see the majority are more prone to do one or more of these things regularly. That’s just the way it is. Our bodies get old and our reactions get worse, and we aren’t able to do things as well as when we were younger. I mean my dad is 55, but he drives fine.

Old people seem to have different attitudes toward driving that we do. I believe they think the rest of us are a bunch of dangerous drivers or something, and they
are doing right by driving under the speed limit and so on. Legally they would be correct of course, but in practice, forget it.

Just try passing an old person on a two lane road (even when it’s a dotted line) and watch them. I can’t tell you how many times, they flashed their hi-beams at me. They are mad that I passed them. Even tho it was a perfectly legal pass. They seem to think it was dangerous or something. This doesn’t happen every time of course, but the majority of the time people do that to me it’s old people. The counter move to that of course is the braketo the face.

Just comparing Hemet to Irvine, you can see an obvious difference. The minimum speed limit through Irvine is usually 50-55, and people travel 65-80+ through
town, while I rarely see anyone break 50 in Hemet. Old people compared to a majority of younger people.

#2 – Car Phone People

Does this sound familiar? You see a car hogging the fast lane or left lane, go around them, only to find them yacking on their car phone as if
you and everyone didn’t exist? I hate those bitches.

#3 – Gangsters

The next group on my list is gangsters. We are talking talking the Gun carrying gangsters you see on the rap videos. Normally they are not that bad of a group to drive around provided you don’t piss them off. But they are #2, because they are quite often armed, and the littlest thing can set them off. You do not want to screw with these people. Comparing LA, to San Francisco/Oakland gangsters. I’d say I have more problem with Black drivers, as opposed to Mexican drivers (not necessary gangsters). One one Trip to Oakland/San Fran. I had 10 people viciously cut me off, to the point where I had to swerve to avoid them. 5 were female, 5 were male, all 10 were black. No Joke. I rarely seem to have problems with the Mexican gangsters. They usually seem to stick to the middle lanes and leave me alone. I’m not saying I don’t run into problems but it’s rare. But if you see these people, don’t screw with them.

#4 – Hill Billy Rednecks

You know what I’m talking about. All 4 years of my college life, I was living in the country or around it and I got plenty of opportunity to be around the Hill
Billy. The Giant trucks (just short of being semis) with the gun racks.

What I notice with these people is they love driving incredibly slow. It’s like their life is so laid back, they don’t have to be anywhere at any fast pace. I mean it’s not like they are late to the bar. And they get really pissed when you pass them. They also hate being tailgated so I rarely do it. One time I wasn’t even tailgating a guy, just hanging back a ways, and at a stop sign, Billy Joe Bob gets out of his truck and starts yelling at me “back TF off!” Whatever. This is another group I try not to screw with because they may have a gun, and usually they aren’t afraid to fight. For all I know, they are on their way to the bar so they can fight 🙂

The Alternative to these type of people are usually the good old boys in the Amercian Hot rods (Chevy or Fords), but the problem with these people is they are usually just as slow on the roads, but they dust you in town at the lights.

#5 – Cops

Why isn’t cops #1? Cops don’t try to ram you (unless you’re running from them), Cops don’t usually try to shoot at you or beat you up. (if you’re white anyway).
The worst I see out of a cop is a ticket, so they are much lower on the list than those other people. I mean even cops drive faster than old people 🙂

#6 – Zoners

People from Arizona. Man it’s like when they get to California, they have no idea how to deal with real traffic. I’m always yelling: “You damn Zoner!” Welcome to California! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

One Response to “Top Other Enemies”

  1. ivehadnoduisforthreeweeks says:

    The last comment I post here was an accident in the wrong spot, please delete.

    Anyway, about Arizona drivers. These guys are really aggressive in Arizona. They will run a stop sign and honk at you like it’s your fault. They will do everything they can to keep you from merging onto a freeway and then make fun of you if they see you struggling.

    Even the pedestrians are aggressive. They jaywalk and then yell at you when you slow and stop for them jaywalking like it’s your fault for driving correctly.

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    • BT on:
      Hey, I'm stuck in CA driving with these idiots all the time. But you can't complain if you're from TX about CA drivers, although it is the only TX place I have been, Houston drivers are just as bad.
    • Dee on:
      Asian Drivers
      Parker must be Asian...."they drives suck"?
    • Rodney Hood on:
      WHY? Because 90% of them are MEXICANS. Majority of them dont have a license and carry fake id. Its their culture thats how they drive.
    • Ophelia on:
      The way I see it, at least in Los Angeles (and San Diego--the other counties of California I've been in have it far less pronounced than these two), a lot of the problems seen on the roads can be attributed to a culture that places great value on speed. Essentially, people in L.A and S.D. are trained from an early age to have their gratification instant, and thus they never learn patience. This is why drivers will speed up to block you when you want to change lanes, this is why tailgating is so rampant, this is why they rarely ever come to a complete stop at stop signs, and this is why there's so much lane-weaving: These are drivers who want to go fast and see slowing down or stopping as an admission of inferiority. For the record, people blocking to stop me when I'm changing lanes is an extremely common occurrence that I figured out a good way to ensure you can get into the lane you need fairly quickly: As long as the traffic is not too congested, just slow down by about 5 miles per hour and get in behind them. The driver trying to block you is doing so either because they're not paying attention, or they cannot stand the thought of someone coming over in front of them. In both cases, they will gladly let you in behind them. (Congestion creates a problem because it means there will be someone else behind them who will think the same thing, and the person behind them likewise, and so forth.) It is an animal instict at work. For most creatures, seeing another creature with their back turned to them indicates the back-turned creature has superior authority. Likewise, a creature taking up a space behind another creature is an act of submission. For some reason, Californian drivers fall to these animal instincts and treat their cars as extensions of themselves. They don't want you getting into their lane in front of them because, subconsciously, they interpret it as you asserting authority over them, but they'll let you in behind them because they see it as you acknowledging their superiority. That's what I think.
    • expectnothing on:
      That's exactly it. It's the attitude of it's ME me me and the whole world doesn't exist besides me.
    • expectnothing on:
      California people tailgate because there's so many damn people, if you didn't, the line of cars would stretch from MEXICO to Oregon. They added 800,000 illegal alien drivers the other year. So that's why. As long as they are not crazy close which I define as you can't even see their headliights behind you. Otherwise, that's how close people drive in RUSH hour. Otherwise, in normal conditions, they're just tailgating and being aholes if it's not rush hour.
    • floyd on:
      Why do Los Angeles driver tailgate, I was coming home on the 60 fwy west bound traffic was almost at a stop and this female person in a infinite climb on my bumper so close I could not see her front plate in my rear view camera I got over then she cut me off and flip me off this was a accident waiting to happen and she ended up on the same off ramp on the 10 fwy west. crazy
    • John Carter on:
      The CORE reason that California drivers have become (Yes! They were once exemplary drivers!) the worst dang drivers in the country; ATTTITUDE! Many people in California have become extremely selfish, arrogant, rude, and just plain INCONSIDERATE. And it shows clearly in the way they drive. It is a "Me, me, me" attitude that explains why they tailgate and drive as fast as their vehicle will go, with no regard to the safety of themselves or others; they steal the legal right-of-way of as many other drivers that they can; and they will never lower their high-beams, no matter whom they blind! I was born and raised in California, and I used to love it. Now I cannot wait to leave!
    • John Carter on:
      It is the result of the pervasive entitlement attitude that has swept over California (I too am a native)! This selfish and inconsiderate attitude reflects clearly in the driving habits of so many people in California.
    • John Carter on:
      You are absolutely correct! I live here (in Calif) and I completely agree and sympathize with you!

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    I’m located in Orange County in a couple of the richest areas. I see every type of car that is out there in this area. It’s like a car show. Going to a car show isn’t exciting anymore because you see most of the cars driving around anyway. I also work at a place where people buy all the different types of cars. We have Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Lotus, etc. So you can even see a lot of the cars in the work parking lot.

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