Tuesday Car News

Volkswagen spins off Jetta into a Chinese car brand

Volkswagen is taking its popular Jetta brand and turning it into an entirely new and separate company that will make cars for China, the German automaker announced Tuesday.

$150,000 Lamborghini bursts into flames moments after leaving garage

Detroit ‘Smokey and The Bandit’ event canceled over Confederate flag flap

Uptight HOA Threatens Fine After Car Leaves Dick Shape in Snow

Tesla that burst into flames after fatal Florida crash catches fire THREE TIMES at tow yard

Omar Awan was burned beyond recognition and could not be saved on Sunday afternoon after crashing his 2016 Tesla Model S car, which then burst into flames in Davie, Florida. 

A California Bill Aims to Create the Unlimited-Speed American Autobahn of Your Dreams

Many car enthusiasts consider Germany’s Autobahn the holy grail of high-speed highway systems, but it may someday get competition from California, as a senator there has just introduced a bill which proposes adding lanes without speed limits to two major highways.

Watch This 1965 Ford Mustang Come Back to Life After Sitting for 44 Years

It turns out that there’s an extremely entertaining video series centering around a neglected 1965 Ford Mustang fastback that has allegedly not run in 44 years. Yes, 44 years. Get ready for some high-quality wrenching and a solid underdog story.

Somebody Street Parks Their Ferrari F40

This is, without a doubt, my new favorite Ferrari. Somebody in [LOCATION REDACTED] street parks their Ferrari F40. That duct tape on the hood is when a Yaris backed into it. Concours d’Elegance this is not.

Stolen Tesla leads police on chase after owner finds it with Tesla app

A man led police on a chase through Riverside, California, after stealing a Tesla from a parking garage. The moment the Tesla was moved from its parking spot, the owner knew that his car was on the move and that he wasn’t driving it, according to local news reports.

How a Used $5,000 Subaru WRX From 2006 Compares to a New WRX That Costs $40,000

We often forget what a landmark car the Subaru WRX was when it first came to North America. Spurred by intense demand from gearheads who fell in love remotely through anime and Gran Turismo, the early 2000s WRX gifted us the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and forced the entire sport compact segment to up its game from…

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