Why do California Drivers Suck?

Why do California drivers suck?

On this page I’ll outline why they suck vs. other states. There may be a few areas in other states that have worse drivers. I’m not saying California drivers are the worst in the US or world but they’re really bad compared to other states I’ve been in. I work in an international company and I often hear about how bad the drivers are from their perspective.

Common California Driver Mistakes

They make a right turn and pull out in front of you at a dead stop

Quite often you see people that will turn right in front of you cutting you off when you are going some insane speed. They either don’t gauge your speed properly or don’t care how fast you’re going. The end result is you have to brake or dodge them by changing lanes. At worst, they mimic every lane change you do, continuing to block you as you try to get around them. Usually I air horn them or go around and cut them off closely with no signal. If they’re really bad and don’t even look they can crash into you if they turn at the last moment when you are about to cross their path.

Pro Tip: So be aware whenever someone looks like they might be turning right in front of you and be prepared to brake or change lanes. If you’re the one turning right and a car is coming, make sure you judge their speed. Then either wait for them to pass or pull out and front of them and change to the middle lane or speed up very quickly. If you have a fast car like mine, often I pull out and the person coming is mad I pulled out but I’m so fast they can’t ever catch up to complain properly. So funny.

Lane Spacing/Tailgating

California leaves little space between cars. California has a massive amount of cars. Because of this, it’s not really practical to leave a large space between you and the car ahead of you. If everyone had the legal/safe amount of space there would be massive traffic jams there no one would get anywhere. There’s just too many cars and not enough road to support that.

You only see large spacing when it rains or in more rural areas of California. Of course for safety reasons it’s smart to leave enough space behind the car ahead of you but in reality what happens is people get mad and just pass you on the right and go ahead of you. In California it’s important to have good brakes. Always get your brakes checked out every year or less and replace the pads. Have good tires too. I spun out in the rain because my tires were not in good shape.

Because it’s so common to have people follow you so closely it’s important to not do any sudden moves and to signal and to not brake suddenly if you can help it.

If you’re the type of driver that wants a safe amount of space ahead of you, you need to get the fuck out of the way and stay in the slow or middle lanes because that crap doesn’t fly in California.


If you come to California you better hope it doesn’t rain. It almost never rains here. When it does rain, people are totally unprepared. Many of them have bald tires and bad brakes. When the roads get slick, they spin out or crash. They also drive way too fast for the rain or drive way too slow. I have a AWD with super good rain tires so I swear my car is better in the rain or at least exactly the same. So I love the rain. Anyway, when it rains, you should see the news and the amount of crashes. One day driving to work in 1997 I saw at least 12 crashes on my way to work. It was like mad max. There were so many crashes that the cops hadn’t even responded to them all. There were just people in the middle of the road crashed and you had to drive around them like some apocalypic story. California also floods really bad during the rain. Houses fall of cliffs, etc. When people from other states like Oregon who reguarlly deal with rain come here, they’re shocked as to how bad California drivers are in the rain. What is wrong with these people? Have they ever seen rain before? It almost never rains here.

Rain Blamed For Sixfold Jump in LA Crashes – “Collisions in Los Angeles County increased more than 470 percent Saturday morning compared to the same (dry) time last week.”

“The California Highway Patrol recorded 315 crashes on Southern California freeways between 12:01 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Saturday”

315!?!?!?!? See what I mean?

Slower Drivers Never Stick to the right.

California is full of multiple lanes. In my city they have as many as 4 lanes in both directions and that’s not even the freeway. There’s signs all over that slower traffic should hang to the right. Common sense says the fast drivers should be on the left lanes and the slow drivers on the right lanes. But no one in California actually does that. I see it about once a month. The only way they get out of the way is if you have a giant truck and they have a small car. All day long you see idiots in the fast lane going slow as shit refusing to get out of the way. In other countries or states you “beam” them with the lights to tell them to move. Then the nice drivers move out of the way. But in California if you do that, they just get mad and start slowing down even more.

As the years go on, it changes who is in the fast lane. For the early 2000s/1990s it was minivans. Now it’s Toyota Prius going 60mph in the fast lane. Prius drivers are all POSs who think they’re being justice warriors by keeping people in the fast lane at the speed limit when cars are diving around them going 10-20mph faster.

Tip: When someone comes behind you that is traveling faster than you, turn on your right blinker and move to the right and let them by.

Blocking You from making  Lane Changes

For some reason Californians see lane changes as an attack on their car. Whenever they see a blinker they rush to block the person from getting over. Of course there are some nice people but they are kind of rare. It’s 20% of the time someone lets you in. The counter move most people do is to not use your blinker and do a “sorry blinker” after you’ve already started to change lanes. That prevents people from blocking you. But that’s dangerous. They might do something you might not expect because they are not expecting you to changing lanes.

No Blinkers for turns (turn signals)

It’s common to see all sorts of lane changes without a blinker. It’s annoying. The reason people don’t use the blinker is they don’t want to warn people causing another car to block their lane change.

Tip: Always try to use your blinker even when no one is around.

Everyone and their brother cuts in during a merge

For traffic to work properly people have to let cars in and merge properly. But California drivers are such jerks this often doesn’t work. During rush hour especially people cheat and cut over and use merge lanes or the shoulder to pass a bunch of people on the right and cut in. When people need to merge, they fight to block them for merging. One time I saw a guy let in over 20-25 cars. I got so mad I blew my horn at him. That is being too generous. On the other hand, some people don’t let anyone in at all.

Tip: Let one car in. Try to do every other car.

Idiots head straight to the fast lane crossing 4+ lanes at slow speeds

On the freeway it’s very common to see people enter the freeway at 50 mph as cars are going 65-75 mph and instantly cut left over 3+ lanes to the fast lane at a slow speed. This causes everyone behind them to brake or dodge them. You see this every trip you go on. They are just too impatient to wait until they get going fast enough to make their way to the fast lane. They also commonly go way slower in the fast lane causing other drivers to have to pass them on the right.

Tip: Enter the freeway at the speed over other cars. 60+ mph minimum unless the exit is one of those crazy short ones. Wait until you build up speed and work your way over (If you have to) over a long distance and a slow time. Instead of “suiciding to the fast lane.”

Driving with their Brights On

My town’s drivers are beyond morons when it comes to brights. I see about 1-3 cars per nighttime drive that have their brights on. How do they not know when there’s a blue icon on their dash. I’ve flashed 200+ cars and none of them figure out they have their brights on and turn them off either. It’s so insanely frustrating. Cops should pass out tickets for that but you never in your lifetime hear of anyone getting a ticket for it.

Only One Headlight

Don’t be lazy. Fix your broken headlights. One time I counted 22 cars without a headlight going down a hill to my college. Just go down to the auto parts store and find the right one. Or you can take it to the dealer. Or you can probably go to somewhere like Jiffy Lube. Especially don’t use your brights to pretend you have two headlights. That blinds other drivers.

You should do the same for brake lights and tail lights. Always replace those ASAP.

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  1. Thank-you! I feel vindicated for thinking California drivers are assholes for hogging the passing lane. It is a constant irritation to me since much of my work day is spent driving on the highways. If the driver ahead of me is driving as slow as the driver on his or her right and I’m wanting to pass I will honk my horn repeatedly until the driver ahead of me either speeds up or slows down enough to get into the right lane. Often this does not work though since these Californian drivers in particular, despite their embarrassment, are not only idiots they are stubborn bitches as well!

      1. RE: “their assholes” You mean they’re (not “their”). 😉
        They’re = they are
        their = possessive (as in their car).

  2. Well fear not… or fear allot. It seems that vehicular incompetence (a clever euphemism for sociopathic, homocidal, suicidal, murderous, maniac) is a pandemic. It is the same in Florida, and apparently the rest of the nation as well. I think a good high speed roll the car over the median explosion type accident would do these folks well… considering they walk away of course. (there’s no repentance if they die.) We want improvement not genocide. After all incompetence is not genetic.

    The only thing i don’t get in California is that they think that removing guns will reduce death and legalizing pot will not. You want these folks !!HIGH!! while they drive??? You must know they will be? What is the logical error here? Remove 100 deaths by gun fire, and add 10,000 by dwi (you’ll find my numbers are not exaggerated, or that far off). A car is as deadly as any gun. But at least gun owners TRY to educate themselves on safety… and they don’t do it near people most of the time.

    There’s only one solution to this problem. Its awareness! Pay the F!CK attention. And not being a douche helps, let folks pass, let them in if they want to go in front, drive with the flow of traffic, etc.!!! Not hard. Like i said, homocidal, suicidal, sociopathic, murderous, maniacs. “Fuck you man! Me first! Dick!”

    On second thought… maybe we should outlaw guns. The way we act in cars is not far off using a gun to get in front of the line at 7/11. Ya’ll shouldn’t have guns if you cant act decent in a car.

    Happy trails.

    1. F MAN WHO GIVES A F IF THEY WalK AWAY LOOK AT THE MOVIE STAR BLWOING AROUND IN HIS 400K PORSHE LIKE HES THE REAL SHEET HES FING DEAD and i probabl;y have a great idea of how the fing retard was drivng and he probably deserves it, im not the guy who judges but i can only imagine how a rich california arsehole with a 600 hp 400k porsche drives god was probably getting even , hes probably blew down the road at 120 mph too many times and you know what karma bites fucking hard california i wouldnt be suprized some day if the fker falls in the ocen and the nuttts will blow righ in at 90 mph pedal to the metal in their junk toyotas

        1. Can not stand Californians.The culture of entitlement.Why on earth would anyone speed up to block a lane change or not let someone merge? These selfish creeps have invaded Idaho.Wish they would leave.

          1. Hey, I’m stuck in CA driving with these idiots all the time. But you can’t complain if you’re from TX about CA drivers, although it is the only TX place I have been, Houston drivers are just as bad.

  3. I want to agree with everything for which this website stands. California is the only asinine state that allows lane splitting, which now they call “sharing”, becaus “splitting” only too accurately calls the violent image of 2 vehicles sharing one lane. The whole state administration and it’s motorcycle riders should be entered on to the Darwin List.

    The one idea I want to disagree with is letting people get into the lane. California has this behavior where drivers move to the right, to a shoulder or right lane, only to cut into an exit lane or vice versa, not meant for their use to push past traffic. Should I let them in? They are actually making traffic worse for me and everyone behind me. Each extra jerk adds a few seconds to the traffic, and there are hundreds of thousands of jerks in each bigger area.

    I have driven in every area of this country. California is the absolute worst place to drive, from the douchebags who create their own off-ramps, to the a-holes who pull a u-turn over double yellows into oncoming traffic, I hope there is a hell if only to see you morons burn in it.

  4. california drivers are the biggest bstrds in the world when it comes to driving , their lawless ness little bestrds from hell scowl on their face staring every outta stater down like some zombie , basically they know no cops will stop em its bullsheet i hate it there its like a 3rd world country like mexico where people plain dont give a crap if mr mendez runs over 5 dogs 3 cats and his mother to get to his crappy 7 an hour job in crappy oakland ,and yes i see more mexicans driving like nutttzzz then anyone although ive see it all there omg why are californians such arse holes on the road what silent rage????because their not alll hipster holly woood types ????only place i seen it consertively some what decent was the santa rosa /napa area. HEY CALIFORNIA HIRE MORE COPS RETARDS

  5. california the biggest baddest richest bitch in the world and they cant even afford enough cops to slow the fkers down and force respect as the law defines GOING THE SPEEDLIMIT even in town ehn i lived in the east bay id be going 45 and every fing bastrd would be doinf 65 as no cops ever stop the lwless bstard from hell omg this is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA have some repect for yr fellow people ansd abey the lws or in my books yr a fing criminal and risk killing a life at anytimg eoyu pulling yr crap HIRE MORE COPS TO PATROL AND LIKE WASHINGTO HAVE UNMARKED COPS CARS FRO TRAFFIC DUTY IT WORKS REALL WELL

    1. I was born in Washington. WSP. I lived near Shelton. Near their police academy. They use Highland road to practice on speeders. They lowered the speed limit on the road to write tickets. If California is too lenient Washington is too strict. We moved to California. A much better place to live and drive. Washington is full of vindictive drivers. California is not. If you live in California do as the Romans. We adapted it works.

  6. California has a few things going for it; but gawddamn, it sucks to be a driver in this state! Especially if you’re one of those responsible drivers who actually have automobile insurance.

    I’m a transplant from New England and have been living in CA for over 5 years. Got into my first fender-bender a couple of days ago. I was stopped at a major intersection waiting for traffic to pass so I could turn right. As I was creeping up a little bit to get a better view of the oncoming traffic from the left, BAM!, we get rear-ended. I don’t care how much experience you have with accidents (hopefully, not many) but getting hit unexpectedly by another vehicle will rattle you. But for some reason I still had the sense to think the following and this was my mindset at the time: Wife, who was the passenger at the time, was ok – Yes. Next, should I stop and get out of the vehicle to check the damage and that the other driver is ok – No (because it was at an intersection with train tracks running parallel to the main street I was turning into – the dude that hit me was still on top of them). Determine the safest place possible to pull over and exchange information – absolutely no break-down lane on the busy street I was turning on to, with the nearest parking lot about 1000 feet on the right. So I determined the best alternative was to use the very next turning lane about 100 feet on the left to get across the street into the nearest lot, all while gesturing to other guy to follow me. BIG F-ing mistake. As I was pulling into the plaza, my wife kept an eye on the dude and says to go quick because he’s making a run for it – he’s making a u-turn! So we follow him to the next parking lot he turned into which was apparently where he worked (Grand American Tires) and we found him out in back of the building, obviously checking the front of his early model white Camry. So we park next to him and told him “Hey, you hit us at the intersection back there. Why did you run?” In broken, eastern European English, he says “Wha? Are you sure it was me??” “Look! I got no damage! What are you talking about?!” His front bumper did not have any obvious paint from our rear bumper, if any residual paint was there it was scuffed off with his sleeve; but our bumper was substantially pushed in with some traces of white paint, can hardly close the trunk. He essentially denied he did anything and his only argument was the fact that “if” indeed he was at fault and hit us, then why didn’t I pull over?! Really? The fact that I did not pull over right away automatically absolves you of any wrongdoing?

    The short and long of it, Ivan refused to give me his information. I called the cops, twice (911 and local station); but dispatchers kept telling me that unless there is an injured party, they are not required to send anyone out and that they can’t resolve disputes of this nature. We were so pissed. Now it’s our word against his. We were obviously not getting anywhere with this asshole and all I could manage was to take a picture of his car and its license plate and let my insurance company handle the situation (which I called my insurance company not 20 minutes after the whole ordeal).

    You are absolutely screwed here in CA if you get into an accident and the other party refuses to cooperate. They can just deny, deny, deny. Who wants to get into the hassle of going to small claims court just to get back at them? Now if my claims adjuster/agent determines it’s my word against his, then I’m screwed and stuck with paying my $500 deductible.

    Take a couple of hardknock lessons from me. 1.) Invest in one of those vehicle cams that record everything while you are moving. 2.) if 1 above isn’t possible, in an event of an accident, pull over immediately no matter what/where – let folks get hit by Amtrak trains, block traffic and let the “busy” police direct it or 3.) if you have some time to spare, in an event of an accident, park the car immediately, stop, drop and roll in writhing pain – create a fucking scene until the police and ambulance get there. In situations 2 & 3 above you’ll probably have a better chance at getting the offending party’s information.

    God, it’s just not worth the effort to try and be a half-decent person these days. I can’t wait for the next solicitor to knock at my front door today so I can just literally tell them to get the Hell off my property and to go FUCK yourselves/OFF.

  7. It’s not all California though: I grew up in the Inland Empire where even though people are poorer they actually have some common sense. It wasn’t until I moved to orange county where I realize the true meaning of idiots (especially jumping into a lane while you’re flying at full speed). I attribute it to the following:

    Orange County as rich as it is, it’s people lack intelligence and especially common sense, they’re a bunch of freaking robots out here. I have never met dumber people in my life till I moved out to orange county.

  8. To those who have know idea how to adhere to the ethics of the road,
    May you learn the hard way….tickets should help one learn.
    Lane one jockeys need to understand how to get out of the way.
    Turn signals exist for a reason. There is always someone behind you.
    Get off the phone, stop texting and try to enjoy the drive. If you don’t. Get a job close to where you live. Or find a place to live close to where you work.
    Use turn signals when you leave a paralleled parking spot.
    Look before you merge. And don’t accelerate when someone else is trying to switch lanes. Please try to be better behind the wheel. Or at the least adequate.

    1. or a better person… these are someone of the most ethically messed up people… with terrible intentions on purpose, and unfortunately if you call them out on it, they play dumb trying to make you question your own sanity. This state should float off far into the pacific. What a waste of human potential…

  9. I hate California. Today, driving 250 miles, I saw hundreds of people tailgating, weaving, texting, speeding, going unsafe speeds in the slow lane and unsafe slow speeds in all the lanes.

    Until our Calif Gov provides more CHP, our roads will be unsafe. And until they slap tailgaters and texters with stiff fines, our roads will continue to be chaotic and unsafe!

    Itcs time to slap everyone in our Calif Gov with a massive lawsuit. Money gained to go toward hiring 1000 new CHP.

    Though I was on the road for hours today, I only saw two CHP. I crossed about 4 county lines. It’s always this way.Often, I see No CHP.

    It’s a warzone out there. Of course, the driver are mainly to blame. For not policing themselves. But I lay the greater blame at the feet of the Gov.

    1. People in CA are pretty pissed off about the fact that they’re being forced to wear seatbelts and ignore their phones. I almost got run over by a bunch of girls because they couldn’t see out of their windshield. Their excuse was, in fact “We can’t see out of our windshield”.

  10. I have driven in all states except Alaska and California is the worst i have seen that will not move over the the right they seem to think that when they get in the express lane that they own it.
    Most California drivers have never seen or have never read the little white sign along the freeways the say KEEP TO THE RIGHT
    because very few drivers ever give up this lane no mater ho fast they are going. I have even had some of them give me the finger for passing them on the left this is how stupid they are.

    1. Hey, bro. I think you might be one of those bad driver! Many people said most left lab is a express lane! Who tol you that? Is there any different limit speed for different lane on the free way? Limit speed for any of the lanes on the free way!
      Of course I agree that slower traffics are better to stay in the most right lane but it is doesn’t mean that you can go over speeding in the most left lane on the free way!
      I am a California driving instructor and owner.
      I believe that you need to learn driving again!

    2. They are the dumbest people in the ENTIRE world, and I have been all over the world. The driving is derived from a lawless state and group of people who watch politicians have no rules and laws, so therefore they follow suit, which so happens to be “Follow the leader” which is a whole other problem of unoriginal thoughts that these mindless zombies have.

      But here is the real problem… the want-to-be utopian nature of everything, from the “yoga” to the “eco friendly” to the “lgbt” to the “rainbow parade” and the list goes on and on and on where they can find any reason to micromanage and control your daily life through the brainwash that turned them into the “Let’s turn you into an idiot too” mentality…

      Those specific reasons give the green light for ANYONE and I mean ANYONE to act like a complete mindless, narcissistic socipathic WACKJOB and get away with it free and clear.

      The driving is just a mirror image of what is going on in these entitled liberal lefty wackos minds who have NO CONCEPT of REALITY outside of the borders of California. 2+2= 4.5 to these idiots all day long, but to be quite frank, there is a possibility that these idiots are mentally lobotomized from the insane levels of fluoride in their public water supply which taints their consciousness to be a walking zombie, just my opinion.

      All the noise, cars with loud volumes, very mixed society, house on top of house, low income jobs, overpopulation, rudeness, constant drinking and partying everywhere, insanely loud neighbors… THIS IS WHY THESE PEOPLE ARE SO NUMB!!!!

      <– Someone who finds great relief finding this website, thank you.

      1. THANK YOU!! I couldn’t agree with you more! I just moved here from Kirkland, WA last July and I’m already thinking about moving back. I’m already sick of all the people here in California that have such self entitlement attitudes and such disregard for life they think the traffic laws don’t apply to them. Since I’ve been here I’ve almost been in several accidents and almost been run over in a crosswalk but these people don’t care! They are reckless A$$holes!!

        1. Hey, I’m liberal, but I’m an intelligent, east-coast liberal who moved here and I agree with everything you posted except the liberal part … they are mostly mindless morons – but this goes beyond politics. I too have driven in just about every state in the Union and overseas. Although most states have their fair share of asshole drivers who have many of the bad habits listed above (FL especially), CA seems to have them ALL, and then some!! Ugh.

  11. “Boss”,

    Your grammar and spelling is atrocious! You are probably a bigger idiot than the people on the road! Get an education before you rant about others. You sound very ignorant.

  12. Rules of the road for dumbass drivers!!!!!!

    1) Observe the speed limit. Yes, it is 65. Yes, thats technically called a limit, but if you consider the law of the road, you will notice that 65 in a minimum. There is no reason to go under the speed limit if traffic conditions and your vehicle will so permit. And both of these things are evident to every driver in the road. If you must go below 65 (either because you are very very very old, Asian, or in general, a total pussy) do so in the right hand lane, also known as the slow lane. You will find that this is the most appropriate location for your timid and sluggish maneuvering. Stay out of the other lanes, especially the left hand lane, also known as the fast lane. Be courteous. Most people are going to go over 65. If you find yourself going 65 in the fast lane, do one of the following: a) flip your turn signal andmove over b) speed up and then stay sped up. Don’t pull that shit where you speed up for 1,000 yards and then return to your snails pace.
    2) Check your rear-view mirror. Did you notice that your car comes equipped with a mirror at the top of your windshield? Did you know what thats for? Glance up at that rear view mirror every so often. You might find interesting things, like a chrome grill two feet from your bumper. If you see such a sight, see 1a) or 1b).
    3) Ease off the brakes. Yes, your brakes are there to slow you down or bring your vehicle to a stop. Another way to slow down your vehicle is to ease off the gas. Doing so naturally slows your car and prevents you creating unnecessary traffic jams at what you deem to be hazardous parts of the freeway (10 degree curves, and Amber-alert signs). During traffic jams, you may notice that your car is not moving anywhere fast. This means that if you keep a moderate distance between yourself and the car ahead of you, you can use the above tip to slow your car. There is no need to zoom up to the cars back bumper and slam on the brakes, or honk at my ass when Ive left 8 feet between me and the car ahead of me. But dont be an asshole. If youre in the fast lane and you see car after car cutting ahead of you into the open space,then move the fuck up.
    4) Pass with care. A) I need to get over. My turn signal is on. My move will not affect you as I am exiting the freeway anyway. So let me the fuck in. B) If you notice a car turning into your lane with ample space, do not speed up. Thats just being a dick. C) You notice the car behind you has decided to pass you probably because you did not follow rule 1), but did follow rule 2). Then, as the car passes you on the right, you decide to speed up, because you suddenly realized that you were driving like a pussy. Stop it. You are a pussy. Get out of the fast lane. Its too late for redemption.
    5) Observe traffic signals. Okay, the red light, green light thing is pretty clear. Most of the time, you can just follow the cars ahead of you who understand the rule, with one cardinal exception: you are at the front of the line. If you find yourself in the pole position at a stoplight, you have only one responsibility: pay attention to the goddamn light! Jesus Christ! Is it that hard?! Do you realize that your lack of consideration and attention affects every single car behind you? Pay attention, asshole.
    6) Right-turn on red. Yes, you can make a right turn on red, unless prohibited by a traffic sign. This move is not optional if there are cars behind you. Failing to advance to make a right turn on a red is like stopping at a green light. It’s not a choice, they made the law for a reason. Move up, check for traffic, and make the damn turn. Also, you may notice that oncoming cars will be coming in multiple lanes. If there are no cars in the far-right lane where you will be turning, you may advance. Dont be a pussy. Go.
    7) Be cautious when turning. As in, be cautious so that your trunk wont end up in your back seat. Though changing the direction of the vehicle may be disconcerting for some, the maneuver requires that your vehicle maintain some velocity. In other words, don’t slow down so god damn much to make the turn. You will be okay. You will reorient yourself upon making the turn. So speed the fuck up, make your turn and get out of the fucking way!

    Written by JDP 2005

    1. OMG – I haven’t laughed so hard in a long, long time!! This was brilliant, JDP 2005!! I realize it’s from 2014 … I’m only now seeing it. Loved it!! Totally relate to all!

  13. Inability to merge
    Excessive braking (will accelerate to infinity then brake to zero; no in between)
    Don’t understand how lanes work
    Most don’t consciously know where they are going or what they are doing

  14. The idea that you need to tailgate people to avoid causing a traffic jam is literally (as in you must have some sort of cognitive disability to even seriously believe it) retarded. You’re still going X mph whether you’re tailgating someone at X mph or following them at the appropriate distance at X mph. The only difference is that you’re driving like an aggro dickhead when you’re closing gaps and riding so close to someone’s rear end that they can develop an informed opinion about your looks. You’re also impeding traffic and making things unsafe for everyone on the road when you do that. You can’t win a commute and your driving skills are probably too poor for anyone to even consider letting you onto a race track. If someone’s going too slow then pass them safely. If you can’t pass them safely then suck it up and follow them >= 3 seconds away from their rear end until you can.

    Growing up in California and living there my entire life, I get the impression that the vast majority of CA residents have really tiny dicks and very smooth brains. That’s probably why getting a CA driver’s license is about as difficult as pulling it out of a cereal box. You pretty much pass as long as you don’t get into an accident within fifteen minutes.

    1. When you are on HOV lane or passing lane going 50 mph in 65 mph zone, cars passing within speed limit on your right side, please move over. Do not block the whole traffic behind you. Be courteous… I see people leaving 10 school buses space in between cars. Move along with the traffic so that you do not have to be causing the traffic. If you do not want to drive with speed limit, then move over to your right and let others move…

  15. It sounds like the author of this article and her or his fast car and mindset is part of the problem and not part of the solution. Drive under the speed limit, signal properly, leave plenty of room in front of your car, and don’t worry about people cutting you off or getting in your way. You’ll get where you need to go, be safe, and have a more enjoyable driving experience. Peace, man.

    1. If you want to go slow. Law states slow traffic to move to the right. No one owns the road. Also be mindful some people may have emergencies like a pregnancy.

  16. Stating the obvious- LA drivers that suck are usually people who come here and are not used to as much traffic and congestion. They get confused. Then, you have the entitled in certain areas who are just dicks.

    Is there anything to be done? Nope. The expansion of the track will not help. It will just give the illusion of better traffic, which will entice more people to move here.

    I think parking tickets should extend to people who park shitty in parking spaces at places like the grocery store etc.

    I wonder if crime would decrease if laws were stricter on idiotic driving. Fewer people becoming homicidal during their morning commute.

  17. Holy shit! CA traffic is the worst Ive ever seen. I thought Chicago was irresponsible. California is a deathwish. Some people seem to think a bad driver is a slow one or someone who won’t “move out of the way”… calm your tits and little dick and chill the fuck out. You’re not proving anything other than your immaturity by risking everyone’s life including yours.

    Follow the rules of the road and you won’t kill yourself and risk the lives of others!
    Use your turn signal every time!
    Calm the fuck down, enjoy yourself, and slow down.
    It’s not a competition. It’s commuting. Getting from A to B shouldn’t require adrenaline and a selfish attitude.
    The state of traffic reflects the health and state of the area. L.A. is chaos and immaturity.

    Take a drive around Colorado, people smile, enjoy the scenery, and are supportive of their neighbors.


  18. This is only in reference to Southern Californians:
    DMV must pass everyone taking a drivers test out here. Ever watch some of these morons try to parallel park? They need someone to guide them into their space and they still can’t do it right. And don’t expect them to let you exit onto the street from a parking lot. They dont have the courtesy. The culture is vapid, the people are stupid,anal,rude, backstabbing and phoney, the food sucks, the prices for food and housing are exorbitant, traffic sucks, infrastructure sucks, their rivers are dry concrete lined channels, you can’t find a decent pizza, school system is frighteningly bad, they have earthquakes, mudslides and fires and most of it looks like Mexico. If you’re white you are a minority here and you get treated like one. Oh they do like to brag about the great weather, In and Out Burger and good Mexican food. The latter being a big part of the reason so many are obese here. That and the fact that they have an obsession with donuts and burger joints which are on every block. Other than that it’s a wonderful place to live!

  19. In Cali slow drivers cut off fast drivers, the exiting lane is now the passing lane to the point where they go on the exiting island. Not saying it happened once or twice. No, you’ll watch 5 cars do it in 15 min.
    Everyone’s on there phone.
    I almost get hit 3 times a day. And I just commute around my own city.
    It doesn’t help that new drivers are given bmw’s ether.

    They should have a license retake test every 4 years or so to get rid of some crazy drivers.

  20. LA drivers truly suck. I have been around the world and most of the other states. This is I notice for LA: 1) pass at the right drive slow on the left. 2) Weave in and out of lanes. This causes traffic for no reason. 3) ride ass. This also cause traffic for nothing. 4) drive too fast or too slow. Drive the speed of traffic. 5) not allow merging. The merger needs to drive the speed of traffic. The existing just needs to drive the same speed and make slight adjustments. 6) stupid lights. What is this blinking green left turnin the middle of rush hour. Do this at night. 7) stop driving like assholes. In most places thugs drive this way.

  21. I agree and I have lived in California for the last 3 years. And yes, thus is the worst state i have yet to see in the US. There’s so many people that drive here with no licenses and no insurance. And people who need to really go through drivers ed. My husband was rear ended on Highway I5 by a van with an illegal driver, my husband pulled over so did they but once my husband got out of the car they sped away. We got the license plate called the cops and they were able to track them down, but they used the excuse that the owner did not drive that day and that he did not know who drove his van that day. Our insurance took care of everything after finding out that the driver was indeed illegal, have no license.

    Again this morning this guy (if you can call him that, cut me off from a non passing lane and proceeded to slam on his break causing me to almost rear end him. And the jerk had the audacity to flick me off and cuss me out! He even went as far as telling me to get out of my car and Duke it out! What? So I did, I opened my door and guess what? The idiot ran a red light just to get away! Haha haha! Guess he was afraid of getting a beat down from a female! Which I’m glad it did not go that far as he’s not worth going yo jail for! So, whoever you are black mini Cooper license plate 6XYK224, calm down, lay off the steroids and take anger management class along with driver’s ed to learn how to drive properly!

    1. I do not see hit and run accidents as much as anywhere in this country. Everyday morning, there are so many cases I see on the news.. Why????

      If it rains, forget it… You think you have to drive 20 mph on the highway when you see a rain drop…. People drive in rain and snow all the time. I see that CA people are not used to drive with rain but at least try to learn instead of driving 20 mph and saying it is safer… Why don’t you walk instead? It is much safer that way.

  22. Who the hell do you think you are thinking like you own the road driving dangerously fast, putting lives in jeopardy? Slower, law abiding drivers also have a right to get in the fast lane if they need to switch freeways. I hope they install cameras to get all these potential murderers.

    1. Remember that when you have an emergency that involves a family members life. Or when someone fails to yeild and holds up the ambulance. I Can’t wait till I move to Idaho (they don’t drive fast there), because they follow proper lane laws. If you think you own the road because because r vindicated in your opinion that your driving slower than the speed limit. Your no better than the demon speeders and your judgement is not only a futile double standard argument, it’s also just as disrespectful to others just as much as driving like a dope fuel dragster jerk. So get see self awareness or just expect people like me to just challenge the weak foundation of your self righteousness with grandiose feeling of highfalutin narcissistic and just as selfish thinking. Make your freeway change and afterwords get over to the slow lane where the law states you belong. Dmv book, read it son.

  23. “Quite often you see people that will turn right in front of you cutting you off when you are going some insane speed.” The problem is your driving at an insane speed. It’s insane aa you say.

    1. So you admit you turn in front of people going the speed limit and force them to slow down? Sounds like your just another control freak who just has to mess with traffic. I haven’t seen you cite any creative ideas to help everyone win. Here’s an idea to help. Wait until its reasonably clear before you pull in front of people as tye dmv book states in many states. I even cited above a law too. You haven’t cited anytbing. Sounds like your also a problem too. Demon speeders and control freaks who want to pull in front of people and stay in the left most lane for “freeway changes”. You know they usually have a few lanes for you to be in (if you read the arrows on the sign) and there are usually two or three. So you can still pick a right slower lane even for freeway changes. So I think your just making excuses like a typical Californian to just mess with people and justify it. Your just as much a bully and just as much ignorant of the law. I am not siding with the author, but I also think you help continue to problems. I hope that on day when you have an emergency that someone goes slow in front of you and just holds you up so hopefully on the off chance you may gain self awareness that there’s more than just you in the world. Selfishness has little to no value in society. Which means selfish boisterous and rude people like you are a cancer to society.

  24. I have lived in FL, AL, MA, MD, NJ, NY and now in CA. CA drivers are the worst among all the states I have lived. Therefore, I am trying to be very truthful and input with “Fact Base” here. I agree lots of things said above but there are some other things.

    1. Turn Signal (Already Mentioned)
    I videotaped so many times because it really made
    me laugh and angry. I say 30% would be pretty high for people use blinkers. In other state, you get a ticket if you did not use blinkers. In SoCal, No one uses blinkers and it is ok. When they use it, it is not that you would like to let other drivers to know that you are changing the lane of making a turn. Lots of people do it in the middle of the turn. Why bother?

    2. Texting
    People still text while driving and I see that everyday everywhere. When they do, I noticed that majority of them go 35mph on 50mph zone and causing traffic. PLEASE pull over, text and get back on the road. Stay away from your phone…

    3. Traffic Light
    I see so many people in the front so far away from the line so that they do not even go over the sensor on the road. Another thing is you leave 2 school buses space between the car in front of you and your car. One light can make 10 cars pass but with this, only 4 get to go. I know CA people are very laid back, relaxed but come on… Let’s move. If you are making turns, please use your blinkers before you get on the left or right lane, not after you get on the turning lane then turn the signal. When you are suddenly slowing down, people behind you do not know what you are doing.

    4. Highway Driving
    It is called “Freeway” here in CA. I get it. But it doesn’t mean you can go 50mph on the left lane causing traffic, people keep passing you on the right. If you would like to drive slow, it is your choice but do not cause a massive traffic or make other people to pass you on the right. There are other countries that left lane is specifically for passing and you will get a ticket if you hold up a traffic. It is a common sense.

    My 3 years of driving experience in CA has been nothing but nightmare… People just stop in the middle of the road without turning signal or any justification. I find it very selfish… I can’t wait to get out of CA not to deal with driving. I have driven in most of States but CA makes the worst of all. It is a FACT….

  25. You realize you’re adding to the problem judging from your reactions to others incapable driving. I stopped reading because I know your one of the worst of them all and this is a hypocritical article. You should all have your licenses taken away.

  26. I don’t understand how these amazing people are so terrible driving a car!!! California drivers totally suck!!! DMV need to do something! 🙁

  27. I was born and raised in Cali, and have moved to and from Cali. Served my country and went to Korea (2014), no thanks needed. Before I lived in Idaho I enjoyed Cali (due to the tropical area we lived). After I came back to Cali, I just don’t get it anymore. As a native, I wonder how they learned these balehaviours and how I missed them. Every time we drive we always have to drive defensively. Is there something in the water? Is it cause they are spoiled and pampered princesses? Quite a few of you hit the nail on the head. Do me a favor, spread the word about this. Perhaps years and years f a propeganda campaign on poor Cali driving may help brainwash them to want to change it to fight the offensive label. Use social media to politicize it until they are tired of hearing it and change. Usually if you label a group of people, they fight to change it. Look at every race in history and their struggles.

    1. It is the result of the pervasive entitlement attitude that has swept over California (I too am a native)! This selfish and inconsiderate attitude reflects clearly in the driving habits of so many people in California.

  28. I know some very sweet people who drive like they just got behind the wheel, or as if they don’t understand the laws of motion.

    I also know some very stressed people who drive like fools.

    I likely drive too fast at times, but I don’t tailgate or weave or cut people off. I go with the general flow of traffic. I get angry when speed demons drive in the slow lanes and when slugs drive in the fast lane. Why? They’re creating a perfect storm for accidents.

    We have no CHP. Or it seems that way. I can drive for months, for hundreds, thousands of miles, and NEVER see a CHP. Assanine law makers REFUSE to send us the money to hire more CHP. It’s been an issue for decades.

    As the bureaucrats allow more illegals and unskilled drivers to drive on our roads and highways, and fail to deal with those who text and drive, and fail to police our hwys, we will continue to have sucky, dangerous roads, and people will continue to be killed on the hwy.

    Want change? Vote out the current law makers. The are blind bats.

  29. I’m a Brit and I’ve been saying this for years, now I find a whole website devoted to the subject. I feel vindicated! Having driven quite a lot of miles on the roads of about 28 US states, the moment you get into California everything changes! Anything goes on the roads there, you have to adopt a completely different style of driving just to accommodate their sheer lunacy! It’s probably the stress of living in a sate where everyone likes to think they’re a hippy when most of them are just a bunch of wage-slaves on the corporate merry-go-round!

  30. The article fails to identify the CORE reason that California drivers have become (Yes! They were once exemplary drivers!) the worst dang drivers in the country; ATTTITUDE! Many people in California have become extremely selfish, arrogant, rude, and just plain INCONSIDERATE! And it shows clearly in the way they drive. It is a “Me, me, me” attitude that explains why they tailgate and drive as fast as their vehicle will go, with no regard to the safety of themselves or others; they steal the legal right-of-way of as many other drivers that they can; and they will never lower their high-beams, no matter whom they blind! I was born and raised in California, and I used to love it. Now I cannot wait to leave!

  31. The CORE reason that California drivers have become (Yes! They were once exemplary drivers!) the worst dang drivers in the country; ATTTITUDE! Many people in California have become extremely selfish, arrogant, rude, and just plain INCONSIDERATE. And it shows clearly in the way they drive. It is a “Me, me, me” attitude that explains why they tailgate and drive as fast as their vehicle will go, with no regard to the safety of themselves or others; they steal the legal right-of-way of as many other drivers that they can; and they will never lower their high-beams, no matter whom they blind! I was born and raised in California, and I used to love it. Now I cannot wait to leave!

  32. Why do Los Angeles driver tailgate, I was coming home on the 60 fwy west bound traffic was almost at a stop and this female person in a infinite climb on my bumper so close I could not see her front plate in my rear view camera I got over then she cut me off and flip me off this was a accident waiting to happen and she ended up on the same off ramp on the 10 fwy west. crazy

    1. California people tailgate because there’s so many damn people, if you didn’t, the line of cars would stretch from MEXICO to Oregon. They added 800,000 illegal alien drivers the other year. So that’s why. As long as they are not crazy close which I define as you can’t even see their headliights behind you. Otherwise, that’s how close people drive in RUSH hour. Otherwise, in normal conditions, they’re just tailgating and being aholes if it’s not rush hour.

  33. The way I see it, at least in Los Angeles (and San Diego–the other counties of California I’ve been in have it far less pronounced than these two), a lot of the problems seen on the roads can be attributed to a culture that places great value on speed. Essentially, people in L.A and S.D. are trained from an early age to have their gratification instant, and thus they never learn patience. This is why drivers will speed up to block you when you want to change lanes, this is why tailgating is so rampant, this is why they rarely ever come to a complete stop at stop signs, and this is why there’s so much lane-weaving: These are drivers who want to go fast and see slowing down or stopping as an admission of inferiority.

    For the record, people blocking to stop me when I’m changing lanes is an extremely common occurrence that I figured out a good way to ensure you can get into the lane you need fairly quickly: As long as the traffic is not too congested, just slow down by about 5 miles per hour and get in behind them. The driver trying to block you is doing so either because they’re not paying attention, or they cannot stand the thought of someone coming over in front of them. In both cases, they will gladly let you in behind them. (Congestion creates a problem because it means there will be someone else behind them who will think the same thing, and the person behind them likewise, and so forth.)

    It is an animal instict at work. For most creatures, seeing another creature with their back turned to them indicates the back-turned creature has superior authority. Likewise, a creature taking up a space behind another creature is an act of submission. For some reason, Californian drivers fall to these animal instincts and treat their cars as extensions of themselves. They don’t want you getting into their lane in front of them because, subconsciously, they interpret it as you asserting authority over them, but they’ll let you in behind them because they see it as you acknowledging their superiority. That’s what I think.

  34. WHY? Because 90% of them are MEXICANS. Majority of them dont have a license and carry fake id. Its their culture thats how they drive.


    1. People are moving. 15 years in a row of net exodus from the Socialist Peoples Republic of North Kalifornistan. I wont be run out of my home by outsiders.

  36. I wish that Cali drivers would stay in California and not come to Las Vegas, Nevada! They are some of the worst drivers I have seen and generally make driving on the I-15 miserable. They seem to think that the speed limit signs don’t apply to them. When they leave Vegas and head South on I-15 they jam and back up the Interstate near Primm for hours because all these morons all leave at the same time on Sunday. When it gets backed up they act like the emergency lane is their own private express lane and utilize it illegally. Truth be known, here in Las Vegas we hate people who come here from California. Do us a favor, stay where you are and don’t come here. Trust me, we think of you as the a-holes you are.

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